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Guess I'm not all that musically educated, because until about two days ago - before I mistakenly downloaded a couple of songs by him - I had no real idea who the bloke was. Couldn't find any previous threads about the Scottish singer/songwriter, so there, I'm making one. :tongue2: Now discuss, and - if you're nice enough - you can give me a suggestion or two regarding what works of his I should look into.

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In the mid 60's the British press used to create "Dylan vs Donovan" feuds in the papers and music mags.

The whole thing was absurd.There really was no contest,and deep down everyone knew it...but it sold a shitload of hardcopy.

ANYTHING by Dylan against "e-lec-trical ba-nana"...the debate ends right there.

But apart from that...Donovan was alright for what he did,pop-folk.

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Yeah, I've read about the Dylan/Donovan thing, but to be honest I think whoever decided to start that whole issue was just looking for an alliteration that would sell. ...Because I seriously can't see how the two are more than perhaps marginally similar. Then again, I've only listened to a couple songs off Hurdy Gurdy Man.

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Guest Ohdistortedsmile1789
I don't think Donovan deserves much of my time.

he taught John Lennon how to play finger pickin' guitar style which result in John writing Julia so on that basis alone, he is worth it :lol:

Listen to his music.

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2 things I know about Donovan:

1) Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones at various points did some session work with him when they were very young. Infact that's how they met, and why they later hooked up in Zeppelin.

2) Donovan does the second voice on Alice Cooper's hit Billion Dollar Babies, probably very different from the music he did on his own.

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