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gave all a listen recently and I really like the new chevelle album, easily there best work. Never cared for kings of leon before this but after listening to thier new album I may consider buying it. the opening track and final track to me are standouts... musically I love it yet the vocals i'm not to crazy about. And the new linkin park single.. not as heavy as I expected yet just from listening to this track I expect an incredible album and will def. buy it when it's released. anyone else heard these yet? opinions?

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Heard the new KOL track on MTV2, and I thought "eh" and changed the channel. They never ment much to me ayways, but the sound was better than what it was before. I have never heard of new chevelle and linkin park bore me greatly...

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good to see some discussion here. Bought the chevelle cd yesterday And I have to say I really like it...listend through it a few times and can only say there's one track that doesn't appeal to me. couldn't talk myself into buying the KOL cd though. probly just buy a couple tracks online. One thing I've never gotten about Linkin Park is everyone I talk to hates them, yet I pop in a disc and there's at least one song that I find them singing to. hybrid theory was the best selling cd of that particular year without ever being at or near the top of any charts. meteora was years ahead of that disc in my opinion and listening to the new single, sure it sounds like it could have gone on the meteora album but i'm still excited to see what direction if any they've gone with there music. cause i'm perfectly fine with what they were doing.

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