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Easiest GNR songs to learn?

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as a guitar player myself

when i started, the easist GNR songs to play were

i used to love her

knocking on heavens door

KOHD was the first song my guitar teacher want me to learn, so its pretty easy

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Civil War

SCOM(i find it easy at least)


Down On The Farm

Used To Love Her

My Michelle

Estranged (most people say its hard, but if you just take it step by step and get every bend to sound right, its very simple)

if you want to play some new gnr tunes, IRS is probably the easiest for the most part. i would also suggest learning Robin's parts on TWAT, they are very simple but yet extremely fun to play.

off topic, but does anyone have a tab for the blues solo? after a few failed attempts, i have come to the conclusion that i will not be able to get it on my own lol. iv been hoping to see GP tabs of all the new leaks, but i haven't seen one yet.

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