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  1. I was listening to The General on the bus ride home from work and I got to thinking... I don't think this is truly the sequel to Estranged like Baz had suggested but I think he was on the money with what he originally said, that The General completes a new trilogy. I think Shackler's Revenge, The General, and Monsters is a trilogy of music.
  2. People's playlists that they've made can be viewable to the public if you find them. Case and point, this is my playlist with my local files on Spotify LMAO. I'm going to edit the caption to say hi mygnr so you believe me
  3. I mean... I think you're right still... 2019 is nearly half a decade ago at this point.
  4. I feel like he could benefit from having some SFX or something when singing this live. The song is very vocally driven tbh and he seems to struggle with it, sadly.
  5. Honestly anything else that we haven't heard yet... but personally Atlas with Slash and Duff is something I want too. and Better with Slash's intro and solo
  6. I think what I really wanna know now is what Axl meant when he told us that we may have heard parts of it it before, regarding The General.
  7. I made some artwork (AI generated and put some type over it on my own) for it if ya'll need something for your iTunes/Spotify whatever the fuck needs.
  8. It's very late 90s Smashing Pumpkins. You can feel the age in the songs but they're alright. Anyone have any rad artwork to use for the album cover?
  9. I think everyone worried that it's State of Grace or something should remember that two of the things that were said to us BY GUNS N' ROSES/AXL in the past are that we've heard it before (at that point in 2008 we had never heard State of Grace before) and that it's "most played before Chinese Democracy" It's either an instrumental of the intro to the song Chinese Democracy (lol I'm trolling here btw) or it's something using a symphony/orchestral song we've heard
  10. Not really sure if anyone has experienced this or not but... I ordered my Boston shirt and it was set to be delivered today. I got home from work to...not find the package. USPS insists it was delivered here but will get back to me tomorrow. My neighbors said they didn't take it inside/see it. I e-mailed the GN'R Tour Truck about a replacement but I fear I'm out of luck. Being out $55 or whatever is a lot. Hoping worst case they'll just take care of me and refund me but... anyone have this happen?
  11. Boston has an early curfew of 10:30. All of our concerts end early. Axl had mentioned it before Paradise that they have to end early.
  12. Yeah, they had the guys do the classic "Hey iHeart Radio this is Slash. Hey's Duff. Hey it's Axl Rose. And you're listening to Q104.3"
  13. That was fantastic. I really love the new guitar work. Can't wait for it to be on Spotify!
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