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  1. Here's my review! This was my second show (first was NITL 2016 at Gillette). I'm a sucker for pyro and was a little bummed they didn't have it but whatever. Opener went on time, and I believe Guns went on SLIGHTLY late but barely. Acoustics in Fenway park are terrible, but to me honest it helped Axl's case a bit. Mickey was barely noticeable in person (at least from where I was in the Grandstand). He is 100% seeing a vocal coach or something. I noticed the songs were MUCH SLOWER. They're all played down a key on the tempo. To compare, watch a video of WTTJ from 2016 vs 2021. It's much slower. Axl is also skipping lyrics when he's winded rather than trying to force them out, and it's much better this way. There were moments he skipped entire lines, but the fans singing along made it fine. I also noticed he was trying to sing in a deeper voice rather than go high, and there were points where he was going between the two voices (I noticed it a lot during Sweet Child O mine). I feel like he is very aware of the "mickey" voice and is trying to do something different. The band are clearly making efforts (especially playing slower). Slash was of course on point, nothing surprising there. Duff was fantastic. Absurd was an incredible surprise, knowing it's Silkworms doesn't matter to me because it honestly was just fucking rad to hear the "We're gonna try something new..." speech in person. It was one of my "list items" The merch truck was sold out of the exclusive shirt in everything but small by 6 also, so if you want it in person get there sooner! I was bummed to not get Patience, Don't Cry, or Coma but I had those in 2016 so I'm not too bummed. Absurd was such a welcome surprise I am okay with it. It gives me hope we'll hear Hard School!
  2. Random thought, I just noticed my tickets have the date from last year’s cancelled show on them still. Shouldn’t be an issue right?
  3. I am setting the bar low for the voice tonight but know Slash will be dope. I hope there's pyro to be honest, I can't imagine Paradise without it!
  4. I'm trying my best to stay excited for Fenway tomorrow/today. No pyro and shot voice has me concerned. I'm grateful to hear Slash live again though!
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