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  1. Sup ya'll, I've been a member here forever but never really posted my art. I figured with my latest project, it was probably worth posting here. I've been studying WPAP style design lately (artpop basically) and wanted to make one of Axl. I doubt he'd ever see it, considering how much art is made of the man, but I'm so proud of it, I'd love to share it with fellow GN'R fans. Hope you dig it! Here's a link to my Instagram post of it, I'd love it if you would check that out https://www.instagram.com/p/CKPuYAOBIiR/
  2. Came here to see what everyone was saying about the NITL tour video being posted Remembered why I stopped visiting GN'R forums. It ALWAYS devolves into "NO MY FAVORITE ERA OF THE BAND IS THE BEST! (BAND MEMBER) SUCKS HERE! (MY FAVORITE BAND MEMBER) IS THE SUPERIOR ONE!" Always. Without fail.
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