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  1. The "Black Album" aka Metallica, Load and Reload, are probably the three most controversial albums Metallica ever put out. The Black Album is generally considered by the mainstream to be a classic record and was a megaselling album, making Metallica a household name throughout the whole '90s and establishing them as one of the biggest bands in the world. However, Metallica fans, metal fans and rock fans are divided on it to this day. I don't think many hate it, but most seem to be divided on it. Some see it as a total classic, a metal masterpiece, a great record; others see it as the beginning of Metallica's decline, the last decent record, and view it and the years surrounding it as when Metallica "sold out" to the mainstream and went commercial. Load and Reload (viewed by Hetfield as a double album, just released in two parts) are even more controversial as people seem to have a range of emotions regarding those albums, from utter hate and disgust to love. They moreso than any albums represent a drastic departure from the norm from Metallica and basically have Metallica playing in a totally different genre (classic rock/country/western as opposed to their traditional thrash metal) along with much deeper and more introspective lyrics. It's the last time they ever drifted from their traditional approach. Some praise the albums for showing just how creative and daring Metallica could be, how they could expand their musical horizons; Others completely loathe the albums and view them as Metallica further selling out or giving in to the Alternative music scene of the '90s or just plain losing their balls with age. How do you feel about these three controversial records by Metallica? I actually think Metallica and Load are their best records.....