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  1. Flashback...Adler implodes at Farm Aid

    Just because Steven could play ok on Down on The Farm doesn't mean that he wasn't as fucked up as the band has claimed, or that they exaggerated his level of fucked upness. A guy can be out of his mind but still remember how to play a tune... For example, Jimmy Page was totally out of it on heroin during Led Zeppelin's 1977 American tour--Still played, albeit sloppily. Or Keith Richards during the band's tours in the mid-late 70s. He was zonked out of his mind on Heroin, but still played. Or Brian Jones at the Rock N' Roll Circus in 1968. By late 1968 he was pretty much burnt out, similar to how Steven was in 1990, totally out of it...But he still played the most beautiful slide guitar parts at that show on No Expectations. The fact is, if Steven WASN'T as messed up as has been claimed, he would NOT have been kicked out, and he wouldn't have spent the last 20-something years trying to clean up. This was one of the few decisions that wasn't led by Axl. This was one of the few departures from GN'R that was a totally united, group decision and probably was the best decision both for the band's productivity and for Steven's health. If Steven had been kept in the band for the UYI tour, who knows when the records would've been finished if the recording of CW is any indication, and in all likelihood Steven would've been found dead in some hotel room in some country on the tour.
  2. Flashback...Adler implodes at Farm Aid

    It's kinda telling though that he was fired from the band less than half a year later. Good riddance. Matt Sorum was 10x better. Also Adler is a fucking liar. He didn't know how to play Civil War? There's a demo of the song with him on it from around 89!
  3. What do you feel Axl's greatest strength was and is? Some lead singers are better known as frontmen rather than vocalists (Mick Jagger is a better frontman and lyricist than he is a singer). Others are known as songwriters and vocalists, but necessarily not frontmen (think John Lennon or Elton John), others are known for their skills as a frontman and their singing (think Robert Plant or Freddie Mercury). Some known for their abilities as a frontman and singer, but not their songwriting (think Elvis). Where did Axl fall in the old days, and where does he fall now?
  4. Fernando GN'R 2 hours meeting?

    Yeah give it a decade or two and they'll get it out.
  5. Has Axl not forgotten his own advice?

    In a 2000 interview with Rolling Stone, Axl summarized the demise of the old band by using an adage: "Never buy a car with your friends." That in Old GN'R, everyone wanted their hands on the wheel and because of this, the car drove off a cliff, metaphorically. But now he has new "friends" handling the wheel with him in Guns--With Team Brazil going from simply being his moral/emotional support to actually being in charge of him and running his business affairs as his management. I mean has he forgotten his own standpoint--never buy a car with your friends? Never buy a car with your pseudo-Mother, either.
  6. Could Richard Fortus possibly resemble Izzy more?

    He looks like an overrated guitarist to me.
  7. Vincent Vega (Pulp Fiction)

    It's not about the characters...It's more I can't see John Travolta and Michael Madsen having good chemistry as actors the way Travolta did with Samuel L. Jackson.
  8. the psychiatrist in don't cry

    Correct. Yoda and her husband were the psychics. This one was the head shrinker. My question is, when exactly did Axl fall in with these people? We know it was in or before '91 cause Yoda and her lot are thanked in t he UYI booklets...But was he into this stuff as far back as the beginning of the band?
  9. Bump. I wish they could make The Silmarillion.
  10. Have we (the fans) gotten the hint?

    The "management" and "the band" are interchangeable, since "the management" also happens to be Axl's mom and happens to run Axl's life, and Axl runs the band. Whenever Beta speaks, she's speaking what Axl feels and is representing him not only as his manager, but as his Mother and his life organizer. That's been her role since at least 2001.
  11. Have we (the fans) gotten the hint?

    Has the fanbase yet gotten the hint that GN'R, it's members and management, at best do not care at all about the fans or what the fans want, and at worst view the fanbase with contempt, as the enemy? Let's consider a few things we've gotten in just the last month alone: Beta's alleged texting stating: "I'm glad everyone is happy with stolen material. Well, I guess that's it. We don't need to put anything out now. Everyone took the fun of everything. MSL and co will pay for what they did" The band essentially dismissing 5 simple questions the fanbase had put together about the future of the band? Beta dismissing Manets' (who is a big fan and supporter of Axl and New GNR, the farthest from a hater) hope GN'R would go to the studio soon by saying: "complaints, complaints, complaints." Chris Pitman's recent interview where he said: "Just like Guns. We don't care, you know? We'll go out and play songs that people know, but we're not knocking ourselves out to release new music. There's no need to, now. It's not the time or place." Let's also consider: The consistent excuses that "life [got] in the way" of the band even recording a single song together since 2009--FOUR years ago? Axl saying a new record at some point was a "definite maybe"? Del coming out the other day in an interview and saying that Axl will put out material when he wants to and feels it's ready? Have we not gotten the message? It's two fold, from the band and it's camp to us, basically they're saying: 1) Fuck you (or as Del James put it, "suck my dick") 2) Don't expect new material for a good long time. Del in his interview blasted those who leaked the recent leaks as thieves, crooks.....But in the same interview, he talked about how he didn't pay taxes to the IRS because he never thought he'd live long enough to have to pay taxes, and so he partied it up and spent every penny he had without paying taxes until he was locked up. Isn't that just as crooked? And in the mind of a leaker, and in the mind of someone who listens to leaks, might they not be leaking/listening because maybe in their mind they feel they'll never live to see GN'R officially release another song/album, so they might as well just hear it any way they can? How many ways do the band and members of it's inner circle have to say they're not on our side? If this band doesn't give a fuck about us, or even about putting out a new song, why should we give a fuck about them?
  12. Vincent Vega (Pulp Fiction)

    It sounds great on paper, but...Were Vic Vega and Vincent Vega believable as brothers? I mean, in a cinematic sense...Michael Madsen and John Travolta are VERY different actors and I don't know if they would've had any chemistry on screen as a duo in the way Travolta did with Jackson. I mean, Vic Vega is a sociopathic, sadistic, stone cold killer. Vincent Vega is an affable, likable, cool hitman. They're just two very different kinds of characters, so I don't know if it even would've worked just in a chemistry level. It's like adding Joe Pesci's character in Goodfellas as a member of The Corleone Family...Just doesn't add up in terms of dynamics.
  13. Terminator or Terminator 2?

    Yes!!! In T1 it's just Kyle and Sarah against a machine of death, alone. No one, not even a whole station of cops, can protect them. In T2, there's Arnie, there's Sarah who is now an action babe, and Bart Simpson and it is like a music video. It's so fucking commercial.