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  1. Because they don't want to? I mean, not to be dismissive, but I think it's really that simple. The members of these other bands appear to be – at least on the surface – still friendly, enjoying being together and enjoy creating new music together. My guess would be that isn't necessarily the case with our boys. Not to say they don't get along, because it appears things are moving along smoothly now, but there's a difference between being cordial enough to tour together and exchange pleasantries, and actually spending days/weeks/months in a studio together churning our new music. Especially when there's no real pressure to do so. Maybe there comes a time when the shows stop selling out, and people are tired of hearing the hits, and they feel the heat to put out new music, but it's hard to see that day coming anytime soon. There's a big thirst out there in the marketplace for seeing a reunited Axl and Slash, and let's face it... nobody is going to a Van Halen show in 2017 to hear DLR and Eddie play tracks off "A Different Kind of Truth."
  2. Slash and Duff have other creative outlets they can record music with if that itch absolutely needs to be scratched. Axl, for all intents and purposes, appears to not care one iota about recording new material at this point in his life. We can talk about him being a perfectionist, or being lazy, or whatever the excuse has been. The last 20 years – but ESPECIALLY the last 10 – have pretty clearly shown us that creating and recording new music is not something of any significant importance to Axl Rose.
  3. I can't figure out why anyone would expect Axl, Slash or Duff to give a single fuck about recording a new album at this point. They're old-ish men who are going to make money hand over fist with or without a new record. A record which - by the way - would probably be critically panned no matter how good it ends up being. There's just no way at this point in their lives they can live up to what they created in the past, so whatever labor-intensive work they put into writing and recording a new album, would probably lead to a "ehh.. they should have left well enough alone" end result from fans and critics.
  4. This is a handful of people on a message board complaining. I don't think this is representative of the Guns N' Roses "fanbase" when you consider the fact that they're trying to fill 10,000+ seat arenas. The majority of people don't care. They just hear Guns N' Roses is coming to town and want to buy a ticket.
  5. I'm surprised how well Stapp's voice has held up.
  6. Were they selling regular food at the stadium for the concert last night? I'm going tonight and dying for a Dodger Dog.. I haven't been to a game in like six years.
  7. What time did you all get to the show last night and how bad was traffic getting in?
  8. Great! I'll be home in bed by 11
  9. What time are you all planning to get to the show tomorrow?
  10. Green Day would be fucking awesome and makes total sense. They have the perfect catalogue to be able to knock out a fun, quick opening set.
  11. Thanks to this lame ass piano tuning, we're going home!
  12. I don't hear any piano/keys at all in my stream.
  13. What the FUCK is that?! LMAO
  14. Such a shitty song but Axl's voice is on point tonight.