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  1. Were they selling regular food at the stadium for the concert last night? I'm going tonight and dying for a Dodger Dog.. I haven't been to a game in like six years.
  2. What time did you all get to the show last night and how bad was traffic getting in?
  3. Great! I'll be home in bed by 11
  4. What time are you all planning to get to the show tomorrow?
  5. Green Day would be fucking awesome and makes total sense. They have the perfect catalogue to be able to knock out a fun, quick opening set.
  6. Thanks to this lame ass piano tuning, we're going home!
  7. I don't hear any piano/keys at all in my stream.
  8. What the FUCK is that?! LMAO
  9. Such a shitty song but Axl's voice is on point tonight.
  10. If they keep both Sorry and This I Love in the setlist, I'm going to have a really tough choice to make on when to take a piss break at the Los Angeles shows.
  11. Axl tonight sounds the best he has with GNR in years. This is definitely the best performance he's had since the reunion.
  12. There's no denying that he sounded 10x better on the AC/DC tour than he does right now with GNR. We can debate until we're blue in the face about why that is, but it's really an undeniable fact.
  13. Seeing a lot of people on Twitter complaining about no Patience. It's ridiculous to me that they waste time with these cover songs while leaving out classic GNR concert staples.
  14. The Seeker has got to go. What a waste of a valuable setlist spot.
  15. Damn, wonder what they have in store for Los Angeles. I would LOVE to see Lenny Kravitz at the Dodgers Stadium show. I'm guessing they have something special planned for LA.