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  1. Damn, wonder what they have in store for Los Angeles. I would LOVE to see Lenny Kravitz at the Dodgers Stadium show. I'm guessing they have something special planned for LA.
  2. Axl Rose On TMZ

    TMZ has been doing a TON of reporting on GNR since the reunion. As someone who works in marketing, I'm fairly convinced the band and TMZ have some sort of arrangement worked out. TMZ has similar deals with people like the Kardashians. They get exclusive info, and the celebrity grants them "random" paparazzi interviews. I'm pretty sure this Axl airport thing was orchestrated ahead of time.
  3. I'm selling two SF tickets, seated together, at face value if anyone here is interested. PM me for details. The seats are in section VR 310.I bought tickets for this show before they announced a Los Angeles show, so now that they've done that, it doesn't make sense for me to travel to SF when I live 15 minutes from Dodger Stadium.
  4. I think they will play at a more normal tempo when Axl is out of the chair. There's no way he'll be able to keep up when he's running around stage.
  5. I think that's a big reason why people perceive the crowds to be less than stellar. Crowds at rock shows usually feed off the energy of the lead singer, especially GNR shows where Axl's stage presence and interaction with the crowd is such a trademark. It's hard to replicate that when he's stationary.
  6. So Axl is going balls out on the AC/DC songs and half-assing it for GNR?
  7. The people in that Vine were super far back from the stage. I'm sure those closer are rocking out pretty hard.
  8. How is there not one fucking Periscope?!
  9. So no GNR on the YouTube schedule means no GNR stream tonight? Is that what everyone's gathering?
  10. I don't like this. Axl's voice is going to be dead by the time the summer stadium tour comes around. Full Mickey.
  11. My take on it is if they are going to play other bands cover songs, they might as well play a VR song instead.
  12. I'll be there. Would love to grab a beer with some MyGNR people who will be at the show.
  13. Awesome. My favorite GNR song.
  14. Axl has got some balls to ask Slash and Duff to play on this low-rent November Rain wannabe song.
  15. I'm sorry to any Frank fans here, but he fucking sucks. I never really paid much attention to NuGNR in the years he joined but heplays these songs way too fast.