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  1. Is it possible to have my account deleted? I ask because I know a post of mine was taken out of context and posted as an article on UltimateGuitar and other news sites-which I was not comfortable with. I know an option would just be to log out and not post but I really would just like to disappear completely I think I saw somewhere on the rules that accounts could not be deleted so I was just wondering.
  2. I think people are just sick of the political temper tantrums from both sides (myself included) and don't want to come to a GNR forum to see more the political bullshit we experience every day of our lives outside this place.
  3. I actually really like that version. Gives a new vibe to the song.
  4. Well the story gets quite long and involved but the short version is I was an idiot and bought them from craigslist. They were through ticketmaster and they were hard copies (which are significantly more difficult the counterfeit). I pad $300 for a pair the night before the show, so it was a good deal but it wasn't anything crazy that made me doubt it. I met the guy who looked a bit sketchy and I asked to see his phone to make sure it wasn't a burner phone. He had an iPhone 6 so I thought it was fine. Anyway the tix were fake so I went to the window and no one at will call could determine if they were legit or not because they were well enough printed that the bar code actually worked but had an invalid code. They scanned them a sent them to corporate who then determined they were fake. They gave me the impression they could slide me some under the table as mine were so well printed but of course at the last second they didn't. SO they then called me to the side to file a police report, while I was doing so another guy came up to file a police report as well. Keep in mind there were 50,000 people outside waiting to get in. The other guy looks at me and describes the guy who he bought them from which was exactly the same guy I bought mine from. This guy paid $600 for a pair. So judging by the fact that two people bumped into each other at the same police officer at the same time and got taken by the same guy, Im sure he got quite a few people there outside of us. I then went back to the window and bought more tix. I'm finishing up Pharmacy School and living on student loans so it was definitely not in my "budget" to do so but I wasn't going to let some asshole steal my one chance to see GNR. Sort of put me into a bad mood for the show but it was all still worth it.
  5. So funny story...my girlfriends sister is a model here in Phoenix. As I was driving with my gf to the concert she texted us and said that she got backstage tickets to the GNR show from her modeling agency. She then said she was too lazy to go the the show (she sucks). She said the tix weren't transferrable so she literally threw them out. Fastfoward to me arriving at the concert where I go to scan my pit tickets (hard copy tix) only to find out they were fake and I got robbed. So moral of the story-fuck models who get free tickets and throw them out
  6. Anyone have a glendale one they are selling? Id love one as I was at the show. I got there super early and they were sold out.
  7. Just got pit tickets for next to nothing. Pays to wait it out I guess! I'm bringing my girlfriend into the Pit-how has it been so far? We will probably just hang toward the back. Any suggestions?
  8. FINALLY-the Phoenix Litho is next. Please don't suck
  9. I know I'm in the minority here, but I love me some Kanye...hence my avatar picture. I would have been in heaven there
  10. That litho is awesome. Im always surprised by the creativity of all of them
  11. I thought Slash's solo was pretty solid...