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  1. Maybe you should talk him to perform in well fit and tightly buckled ski boots? Also prevents from running. Safe Axl. I liked that more and more things in basket and less and less Axl
  2. I love this interview, I`d like to read more about songwritting and making music. Slash (in his book mostly) taught me to listen to parts of melody I was aware never before and I enjoy it much more.
  3. They usually wear lots of caps/bandanas/buffs even in layers, mainly women. It looks like this pretty much. The photo I posted would like the new one if it was from the front point of view on a phone camera.
  4. with enough of... things on his head he can do this, I have seen this "chemo-patient hairdo" several times, so there is still hope. Also photo is dotted and colors are bad due to high iso setting, gingerish hair may look like skin color. Like this but bottom hairs either blurred or under the thing on his head
  5. I was never suicidal, I was just talking with people who were, it`s strange. (some of them massive GNR fans, btw.) I keep my fingers crossed really tight that Axl still believes in that soul wandering concept and that you`ll have to cope with unsolved problems eventually in any next life. That might be really protecting fro pulling the trigger.
  6. I also have this migraine problem, I bought anti-UV Buff tunnel and never got sunlight migraine again, because I like hiking, so long hours on exposed terrain. You have to ask yourself, if you suck. If not, you are more probably just adapted so your skin can create D vitamin in constant cloudy-foggy-rainy weather, which makes you rather mutant.
  7. I`ve never seen anyone more vulnerable to sun than people from British Isles, maybe your skin is so ready to absorb any sun in your weather? Even ghost-pale-white nordics were not so severely burnt on same direct sun. Some people I know with really pale skin prefer cloudy or tend to be nocturnal.
  8. I`ll then write something just for you, a tip for having more beautiful day. Music is here to move you, it`s made for connecting people and triggering emotions which are rarely meant to be about something concrete and available to point to. Autopsy with overanalyzing makes it loose its wholeness and beauty and all what it carries inside for you. In fact art never works when it`s analyzed. Make yourself some safe calm place and try to create something artistic, not just ordinary DIY art, try to do something which expose your deepest soul things. (you can mark it as "exercise to figure out how extremely creative mind of some people actually works"). Helps with overanalyzing, calms down soul and offers unexpected answers and solutions and insights.
  9. Happens, I was talking about his introduction to AC/DC`s Shot down in flames. Sincerely I found out that any Billy Joel exists like three days ago Internets also don`t provide info about any other "shot down in flames" song. Songs are here to bring feelings, not to overanalyze. Don`t hurt art by autopsy, enjoy. I was there in Prague dancing my ass off on AC/DC and I think Bon Scott era fits Axl more. That`s all.
  10. I kinda think to use this descriptions you have to have repeated experience. I think Bon Scott`s AC/DC fits Axl more than Brian`s because he is way more playful and goofy
  11. Shot down in flames, Prague. Also Whole Lotta Rosie is often introduced as love song.
  12. Draw someone trapped in a jar looks like a cruse for me, so I decided to re-draw the jar post. My first chibi sketch (I never thought I would have so much fun with designing them, it`s not style I usually draw in. But still don`t get this adult coloring thing). I added some emergency blanket and cup of cocoa to a make a warm safe place to hide if needed (to recharge batteries and things) and also some friends to jam with. For detail seekers: Yes, Duff and Angus hold their guitars left-handed. Found out too late.
  13. At first, he is seriously down on the picture; often people who stand like this (round shoulders, "too heavy" head where you feel how much energy he needs to keep it straight for photo, weak muscle tone and that deeply sad eyes...) and overall you have impression of no energy, do usually what you manage them to do. She has energy and she`s dominant on the picture, so it may not matter too much if it`s random person or not and the reason for posing. I have bad shivers from this photo. (I am also really bad in recognizing people)
  14. Slash has pentatonic, but Izzy`s got the blues, that`s what Keith appreciates. That amazing backdrop which makes Guns sound outstanding. The first and the last of the giants of rock`n`roll in one pic. Love this.
  15. If I had answer, why Axl did not loose himself in drugs like rest of the people around... Both Duff and Slash said that drugs somehow "treated" their problems, Duff (used to) have panic attacks since teenager (at first he was medicated with his doc in Seattle with amount of sedatives which is now unimaginable), he started to drink (not mention amount and variety of sedative prescription drugs which they were able to get) and later found out that he can drink even more with coke. He was not as curious type as Slash to try everything available and he never went for intravenous application. Slash, on the other side, liked to be social but on the other side he was incredibly shy and heroin made him somehow easy going also with music. And discovered dope high. I think he mentioned in his bio that it was Izzy who gave him dope for the first time. Izzy was the "level type" of junkie, maintaining constant level of drug but not getting too much high (same style as Keith Richards, for example). It is more sustainable and lower risk than type of junkie who goes for highs - like Slash (or Nikki Sixx) did. It is a very bad kind of vicious circle, often powered by boredom and no vision of future - and also being out of your head allows you to push problems in front of you and not to face them, which, as time goes, accumulate, so it`s more difficult and here we go. Some people are kind of cracked, it is not recognizable on the first sight. The drug makes illusion of the empty space in them being filled or an illusion that they work better on drugs. No one is pretty sure, it is a mix of genetics, personality, environment and exposure which causes addiction. Many junkies are people who self treat their mental diseases this unfortunate way. Also you can use illicit drugs for medical (controlled treatment in controlled environment) purposes and actually help people; problem is their reputation and maintaining, which hinders research and potential use. If you are not GNR purists, read Nikki Sixx or Keith. They are really honest about drugs.