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  1. I will be boring and chose the same unknown artist for both day 7 and 8 Day 7 Day 8
  2. @bucketfoot love Dead or Alive! Day 6 So.. obviously I could go on and on with GNR live performances until the evening Anyways, I don't even know why I love this performance so much. He was off his tits and his voice was shot but it is still one of my favs? Miss Janis should get a honorable mention as well and just to cheat more I remember that I always loved this
  3. Day 5 I have no problem admitting that I like a song but people seem to not get this one when I say I do
  4. Which side it the ticket? Left or right? My friend is looking for a ticket but only if it is "Stání A vpravo" (right side) so he can be with us.
  5. Day 4
  6. Day 3
  7. Day 2 This one brings back memories from our trips together
  8. thanks for putting this together @Blackstar! Day 1
  9. 16 and more than 30 suggestions? haha you guys are far I thought about 2-3 lol. And they may likely match with some of your suggestions so I may have nothing
  10. Day 30 the name of this song says it all
  11. Day 29 This song is way older than I am but I remember it from my childhood as it was recorded on a tape that we always used to play when we were traveling by car in the early 90s (There were other 60s and 70s songs on the tape but I am not sure which songs..only sure about this one)
  12. I no longer can see even a glimpse of this video without having this in my head. One of those things that cannot be unseen
  13. Yes please! I want this to haunt me forever!
  14. Now I have this image of Axl with his hair in a high/low bun in my head..thaaaaanks! * and now you all have it too! enjoy!!!
  15. @lilacmess haven't really listened to the gutter twins before, thanks for the tip! Will check out the album you have mentioned, I'm sure I will love it. @Blackstar have to agree 100% with all the names you have mentioned..well that and counting..I could go on and on with this theme