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  1. I am not a superfan either but a fan yes, also saw them somewhere around 2009 I think..they were opening for Arctic Monkeys, this year I finally saw them in Prague as I had ticket for the show for ages but they postponed the gig a year or so well and then they happened to open for GNR so no complaints there They are just being cruel at this point Even leading fans to believe they are starting a new song and then it is Better! I hope they are making some new music together! But even if ..we might never get to hear it! And the heat in London was unbearable for me! I really felt like my intestines are being cooked! Never experienced such a hot wether in there so I was surprised how unbearalbel 30 degrees can be, I mean it was close to being as bad as when it gets 38-39 here We of course decided to walk around London since early morning and even went to the stadion by walk I thought I would be a bit paranoid when in London but the city had the same effect on me and I totally got any terror treat out of my mind the minute I got there. Just walking round with a smile on my face thinking everything around is so beautiful while being cooked alive
  2. That can vary a lot it seems but I guess you can expect prices between 25czk and maybe 90czk (0,95eur - 3,42eur)? Not sure exactly...I got this from some article where they were comparing prices I have been to Prague many times but I am not sure how much I paid for beer I just know it was rather cheap so maybe around 35czk or so. is still selling GC(left side)
  3. Bummer! and I am also in the minority because I like The Kills Hmm Alisson and Axl, that would be interesting! I approve! But at this point it is just speculation.
  4. Oh I had no idea they are there! Such a pity BTW you seem to be well informed about their whereabouts! I think I will, too tempting!..may give her a day to recover and then find a good quality video so the experience is as authentic as possible Mass exodus! . I don't mind the CD songs but most people obviously do not come to the gig to hear those..but at least they can get a piss break and not miss the songs they came to hear. I am guilty of going for a beer refill during NR Yep I like the intro too..but I knew what it leads to Were you dissapointed?
  5. Reading your post @Andy14 I realized that I didn't even notice if he wore hats a lot or not during the 2nd show, and I was there lol! Maybe it was the top row seats..or I was just blinded by the union jack hat and everything else got erased from my memory I also love how everyone hates This I love! It was one of the highlights for me as I will never forget the horror on my friends face when it started! I didn't know she has never heard it before and that she was not ready for that I laughed my ass off. Kinda tempted to send her a youtube link as a present
  6. OK cool, will not be in a hurry either. See you there then and hopefully I will recognize you ladies!
  7. Still planning to show up too, not sure what time as it is not entirely on me. What time will you leave for the stadium? Also is there any reservation.. or it may not be necessary?
  8. Nice! Thank you .. I always behave myself of course and I see it is also close to Cafe Louvre Sounds like a plan!
  9. Please do share Friends were telling me about a really good one for years but I still don't know which one it is
  10. If you would like to do some sight seeing on Monday I would recommend staying somewhere within this area:
  11. day 50 When this came out it was EVERYWHERE!
  12. hmm ...emptly promises
  13. I think after this getting banned is inevitable
  14. Remember..YOU made me do this
  15. @Blackstar - have not heard Noir Desir for a long time so thanks for reminding me, and is still a good song and band despite of what he has done. day 48 would have to be Big Shot for me as well Day 49 Will start of with the good stuff, the last few will be for the brave ones