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  1. The MyGNR Travel Thread 2015

    glad you enjoyed your stay! Will try to find then!
  2. The MyGNR Travel Thread 2015

    Vanda does not need anyones help with that..she is perfectly capable of falling of the stairs by herself Sounds great! so it will be Tour de bar! Btw love the Slovakia pics you made!
  3. The MyGNR Travel Thread 2015

    worse..she would drink you to death But my suggestion was not me sentencing you to early end on purpose, I only had your entertainment in mind I swear I hope more than one! but ..DEAL!
  4. The MyGNR Travel Thread 2015

    Board a ferry to Tenerife and have a beer with my sister
  5. Adler Touring

    Bought tickets few days ago for the Whisky a go go show in July, never seen him before but I am sure I will have fun.
  6. The French music thread

  7. If you could go back in time what year and place would you go?

    I would probably spend half my life traveling in time, going to Ancient Egypt, Greece, Roma, Mezopotamia, Mexico. Then Paris somewhere between12-16 century, then1800s and 1920s - 40s. I would check 50s California, 60s London and Again US during 60s as well and go to Monterey festival, Woodstock and every concert that would come to my mind. Also checking out my city through its history would be interesting for me.
  8. The MyGNR travel thread 2014

    Now that sounds GREAT! Enjoy! I am going to SF and LA in February, thats it so far.
  9. Reckless Road in more languages?

    I have a Czech version of the book so I guess there might be a Spanish one and other versions too.
  10. New Bowie album

    Im fuckin thrilled that bowie is back! And he sure didnt dissapoint with this new album...Im loving it on first listen ! Now I wish he would tour at least one last time as I never been lucky to see him live.
  11. Has anyone here successfully quit smoking?

    exactly, I feel like having a cig very rarely now...and I havent tried to smoke one since I stopped cos Im afraid I would fall back into it. Ha youre lucky then, Im afraid I would like it still
  12. Has anyone here successfully quit smoking?

    It has been a year in February since I stopped after 10 years of smoking..feels great! I had flu = 2 weeks in bed..so I didnt smoke for 2 weeks which are supposed to be the worst(but as I felt like shit anyways I didnt think of smoking at all), wanted to stop for some time and that was the perfect opportunity. I still had cravings for quite some time but it only gets better with time so why fuck it up after a month or so? If you really want to stop then you can do it! Good luck!
  13. DJ Did I mention how comfortable my bed is!!! F'n L O V E being home Night! LIVESTREAM details Coming soon!! xxx

    Happy Birthday Axl , all the best!!! Saphyra, thats one cool cake! B)