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  1. I feel ya! Aparentlythey don't, not that they bothered to write anything -copy+paste is the new journalism these days.
  3. 05/22/16 - Prague, Czech Republic - Letnany Airport

    Yes genarally I have to agree with you, the prices are horrible at events. But this one just made me lol really, there is no such thingas expensive beer in Czech Republic..unles it is a belgian beer or whatever... some more photos can be found in the gallery here:
  4. 05/22/16 - Prague, Czech Republic - Letnany Airport

    Not that Slovakians would not complain...but 50czk is really not that muchThat is actually cheaper than in my country I think,..and we do have cheap beer
  5. 05/22/16 - Prague, Czech Republic - Letnany Airport

    Too expensive beer!they should try Vienna ..and other places
  6. 05/19/16 - Vienna, Austra - Happel Stadium

    my camera died here so I recorded the rest on my phone, the sound sucks tho