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  1. Day 38 I hope I am not posting the same song by them as I did before
  2. Day 37
  3. Day 36 My mom introduced me to The Beatles
  4. Day 35
  5. I don't know all the people in there this case the less I know the better Most of the younger folks there are contestants from various seasons of Superstar..and some people are not even singers as far as I am aware but you probably figured that on your own Really? I always thought Czech music was way better. lol that thing..haha forgot it existed actually my classmate from either elementary school or kindergarten is one of the smaller kids in that video and sorry for spamming today som much but these just keep poping in my head, always loved these little "songs" from Mighty Boosh series
  6. ..need to add one more for day 34 too awesome, has to be posted
  7. I saw them live once, was awesome! I love how they destroy shitload of old kitchen appliences each gig
  8. @Blackstar was thinking about posting joy division too but the song I had in mind was released in 79 and also thought about posting siouxsie, depeche and possibly sisters or mercy, my post was already long enough so good that you did the honours! Day 34 this is a song that largely inspired my post when we were sharing the worst songs that we have ever heard. This was not intended as a parody but well I guess that one did not work out as expected When this came out it sure broke the internet ..only locally thought Oh the memes and shit that followed..good times! and @Oldest Goat thanks for reminding me of total eclipse of the heart..almost forgot about my favourite version by Hurra Torpedo
  9. The film was never my favourite either..just the song Yay Duck tales! The Czech version is forever stuck in my brain And I am not even sure I have ever heard that one, or seen that song though! It has the potential to get stuck in your head..maybe it will replace big shot in my head? Day 33 I already posted some of my fav 80s songs during other days so will again try to post something that has not been posted, and will of course have to cheat Bowie bonus
  10. That is the sad part Day 32 I loved this when I was a kid, it is from an old movie that has been on TV every christmas. From the movie: Full version
  11. we are all infected
  12. Day 31 Gotta go with AC/DC as well. I was really NOT a fan. The few songs I have heard sounded the same to me and I never really got into Brians voice. It is Axls fault of course that I like some of the songs quite a bit nowadays And Big Shot! I cannot get it out of my head for the past 2 days either!
  13. cool thanks! I will have to do some sight seeing as my friend has not seen much of London yet but I will plan around it and a beer break will be handy for sure
  14. I like the idea I will arrive Friday late evening so I will miss the Thursday meetup.