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  1. Went last night. Have never been into his Conspirators albums but decided to check it out in case he did any Snakepit songs - he didn't. So that's my only disappointment. Otherwise was a good set. I'm unfamiliar with most of the albums but it all came across very well and I even found myself taking note of some of the tunes to look up later. Don't Damn Me was brilliant. I don't like Myles as a frontman. He's super nice and polite and I'm sure he's a lovely guy but a frontman he is not. Not for Slash. He's devoid of energy and charisma and I find he struggles to project his vocal. Most times his body language and the way he carries himself is totally at odds with the song he is singing. Tod is much better - no problems with projection, has brilliant stage presence, really fires the crowd up. The crowd was pretty energetic, I thought. Slash was on form as usual, always an absolute privilege to see him. Several times I found myself completely awestruck by him, not even thinking of pulling out a phone to film or anything, and everyone else around me wasn't filming so I guess we were all feeling the same way! Glad I went. Forgot to add: he came on earlier than I thought he would! 8:30! I can't remember the last time I saw an artist come on at that time. I was lucky I got there in time!
  2. Just back from the show. It was great, better than I expected. Slash amazing as always. Duff was a little buried but then I am one for having him turned all the way up. Otherwise sound was good. Axl was as good as we can expect him to be. He really gives it his all and I'm reluctant to criticise him because he just tries so damn hard, and gives 110%. That being said, I wish he'd sing more often in the lower register because he sounds fucking amazing when he does. I don't think he appreciates just how good he sounds when he sings like that. The first half of Patience is a prime example, was brilliant. Like people, actually stopped their conversations to listen to him properly. Crowd was mixed. Lot of casuals who'd clearly paid to hear SCOM and NR and that's it. I know it's par for the course, but they still annoy the fuck out of me. They tend to go in big groups and talk loudly and clown around the entire time, including during quiet bits, or Slash's solos. It was absolutely rammed, and my friends and I all thought there were many more people there this year than for the Stones last year. Ditto no signal. What's up with that? Anyway thoroughly enjoyed myself and friends all thought it was fantastic. Glad I went after giving them a miss last year.
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