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  1. New Melissa Reese Article

    In some interview (I listened to it on youtube) he said that they were together for sometime but working and living together was to much.
  2. GNR is likely to released Cov-SARS2 vaccine than new album.
  3. Before Ticketmaster I was on concerts and it was cheaper, without Golden Circle EE Extra Platinum Lines or some idiotic service fee. There will be more and cheaper shows without Ticketmaster.
  4. This is my favorite from late capitalism. We are only realtors, so we don't have any liability we only collect cash, so please fuck off.
  5. There is a cluster of 42 infected people in Berlin from just one nightclub. Yeah, right pretty safe.
  6. So what happened with pitman?

  7. So what happened with pitman?

    What was really bothering me - Pitman co-created movie theater teaser of NITL tour. Anyway yesterday he posted picture form TOOL Rehearsal - o I think he has new job.
  8. Buckethead Robin Finck Bumblefoot Fortus Slash Izzy Gilby Dj Ashba
  9. Maybe he's covering Axl AD 2019?
  10. It sounds like 3 different songs combined in one. With a southern rock vibe - not my cup of tea.