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  1. Dont think so. I remember hearing those 2 versions weeks ago and sounded exactly the same vocal take.
  2. Aren’t the Live Era vocals coming from AFD 99 sessions? I was listening to Sweet Child from Big Daddy soundtrack and it sounds exactly the same vocals from Live Era.
  3. Saw that interview a day ago and I think it was very transparent from JBJ to talk about that. Of course I think about Axl doing something like that (vocal surgery). but, I don’t believe the “I won’t tour anymore if my voice isn’t back” cause, in the same interview, he said that he’s been dealing with vocal issues for almost 10 years.
  4. Great show at Rio, but Myles is fucking dead onstage. His energy is so low onstage that he looks a complete strange that was put there with the band
  5. I’ve never believed the “Axl had a stroke” theory, but there’s something really weird in his mouth between 0:03 and 0:04 of this video below:
  6. I don’t think she posted without his acknowledgement. and I’m really sorry about your dad. With time, the pain and sadness is going to be substituted by the good memories. Keep strong.
  7. She fucked with him after the supposed sexual assault. What’s next?
  8. If you compare live recordings from any band now with the same band playing 30 years before, its obviously different.
  9. I've just remebered that Bumblefoot had problems with Team Brazil before. Beta and Vanessa are not (or at least doesn't work as) Gn'R managers. They're Axl assistants. Only Fernando is left...
  10. Axl pushed a little harder than 2023 standards in November Rain (nothing very different, but it was the best version IMO) Time to get a doctor/vocal teacher and look seriously for his mid-range. His low and high ranges are almost intact, but his mid-range is completly shot.
  11. My biggest fear was that Axl couldn't sing the raspier parts of The General and Monster and he sounded pretty decent. Still needs to works on the verses, but he'll keeeps improving, for sure.
  12. One thing Axl was a visionary: internet is a big garbage can. In a thread wishing a speedy recovery for a sick girl, who did nothing bad for anybody, you have to read a lot of stupid posts asking her importance to the band. That’s really sad.
  13. IMO, Axl was a bit too nasal in Yesterdays. But, overall, it was a good rendition.
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