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  1. Example of doom metal: Don't think he was as far off as people tend to say.
  2. This has been said many times in the lead-up of many of the NITLT legs... The results...
  3. Yeah, many did sell out quickly. There were also some stadiums looking to become half-capacity on ticketmaster mere days before the show, but come show-day, the stadiums looked packed in all pictures from the show.
  4. More like 6-7000 as far as I can see. Wouldn't worry too much, many of the 2016 shows looked like this leading up to the dates.
  5. https://web.archive.org/web/20190801083318/http://www.gnrontour.com:80/
  6. People who need to talk about their own money and success... they sure are lovely.
  7. Is Duff talking about Hard School here? If so, did we know it dated back to 96 with Slash and Duff? 7:20
  8. It's probably just gibberish as most things are on their social media. Though, if we were to go along with it... - The next full moon is November 30; or - The next "Wolf moon" is January 28.
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