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  1. If you took someone who never heard of gnr or smkc and took them to shows based on just the live experience smkc would win. We all love gnr and the songs so we are all biased and give the band a free pass when they are performed terribly. I’ve seen 6 reunion shows and am there to sing along to jungle and you could be mine regardless of how axl sounds because of how important the band was in my life. smkc are a tight group who delivers every show. Axl gets a pass for bad vocals due to nostalgia and the importance of songs like sweet child and November rain. Even slash’s playing I find terrible for gnr butchering solos but then he goes back on tour with smkc and plays everything note for note
  2. You don’t usually see it in big arena rock shows but you’ll see it all the time in acoustic/small venue shows. While I haven’t watched many clips of this tour so far. The ones I did see I thought the stage seemed small. Probably doing it on this tour as the dizzy/frank/Melissa area is much more compressed then in previous tours
  3. Saw this shirt in PEI Canada today. https://shop.cows.ca/shop/cows-n-horses-adult-t/
  4. Just curious if a gnr stage personnel gets covid would they cancel? Or If say frank got it would they cancel or bring in a quick replacement? Wonder if they have a contingency plan for that. Its obviously an axl/slash/duff show and I know I’d be pissed if they canceled cause Melissa got sick
  5. I’d rather hear “pussy full of maggots” then WAP
  6. Ever think of doing some custom T-shirt’s or anything. Just something mygnrforum related and just do like 50 shirts also maybe if anyone is free on showdays when you close the forum you can do a twitch stream for discussion. Direct everyone there to talk and have Bezos pay the hosting cost. Revenue from that would probably be insignificant but people could still chat and you guys could respond to comments
  7. Seems more like a skin and bones tour -shorter set -no pyro (not a bad thing but a little pyro is good) -stage is super basic (no ego ramp, no ramps around the drums)
  8. The pits are fairly small with not a lot of people in them. No matter where you stand in the pit you’ll have a great view.
  9. Never seen Phil with a shirt on before. Looks like he’s auditioning for the bad guy in avatar. Enjoyed the performance
  10. The stones did the bridges to Babylon tour in October/November/December in football stadiums. Granted the late November/December shows were all indoors or down south.
  11. My theory has always been the reunion happened because Axl saw his cheque book going down as the only shows they could book in the US was the UCAP shows and a Vegas residency. As no promoter wanted to take the chance and book a real tour when their ticket sales kept declining.
  12. Sweet child. Once the opening video finishes slash at the front of the stage in a spotlight playing the opening chords
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