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  1. Databreach

    No it specifically said mygnrforum.com is known to have data breach. It didn't warn me about my pasword or username, it said this site has had databreach. My email is not found in those databases
  2. Databreach

    Google's new tool says there has been databreach with mygnrforum. What is up with that? https://security.googleblog.com/2019/02/protect-your-accounts-from-data.html
  3. There was no vocals recorded in that session, maybe
  4. I think the mix/acoustics is great
  5. Wow, best Wichita so far in NITL!
  6. Chinese democracy Leaks

    Similar version of leaked Chinese democracy was also used after CD's release for one official Kimi Räikkönen video when he was testing Citroen WRC rally car. The video was later taken down. I'm pretty sure it is the antiquiet version. No idea where they got it, but Kimi is mentioned in the official booklet
  7. Where is discussion of new Jungle from 86?
  8. Last year in Finland Frank's fresh sounding drumming was described as the best part of the show in the press
  9. Well it is credited to Guns + Paul Huge (who wasn't in Hollywood rose to my knowledge) so even HRose played it this version is made by Guns+Huge
  10. Seeker is better, suits perfectly for AXL's voice