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  1. Fuck! All the stuff that has been liberated these past days and I don't know where the fuck else to look to find them! A link to this stuff would be much appreciated! THANK YOU!
  2. He did the same at the previous gig. Actually he couldn't even sing that line at all.
  3. Axl had issues again with the bridge in YCBM. He runs out of breath when he reaches the "cause 5 years is forever" line.
  4. Smart Axl! Setting the bar so low at the first show so "he actually sounds pretty decent" the rest of the tour.
  5. I'm not sure if the sample is recorded from a TV screen or the DVD is actually a screen shot recording. Anyone knows?
  6. I left the stadium with a bittersweet taste. The show itself is great, but in a 3 hours show I'd like to have a few surprises. Once you know exactly what's next, it gets a little boring. I will never get why they play so many covers and I think it's fucking ridiculous that they become staples. Sure I was curious to hear Black Hole Sun but only because I'm a Cornell fan. I honestly hate Wichita Lineman and the Wish You Were Here/Layla jam. Thank God they didn't play neither The Seeker nor I Feel Good. The extended versions of KOHD and RQ are also a drag. They've been playing them the exact way for too much long. The rain didn't help. We were freezing so a little more of rocker stuff would've been welcome. I missed a song like OTGM. Axl sounds great but I don't think he sounded that different from RIR. Any flaw he might had it was muffled between the loudness of the band and the crowd noise. He sure had more control and it was notorious in songs like Better and in the end of Coma. I also don't like what Slash is doing with his solos. I'd like him to stick more to the studio versions. He improvises a lot and mostly I don't like that much what I hear. Overall he's a beast and puts on a hell of a performance. Ok I think that would be all my complaints. Maybe it sounds like I had an awful time (hah!) but I actually enjoyed the show. It's just I expect more from them and I'm sure they can bring it. Now they are clearly on autopilot.
  7. it's on the Multishow site http://multishow.globo.com/especiais/rock-in-rio/materias/setlist-nao-oficial-do-guns-n-roses-preve-show-de-quase-tres-horas-no-palco-mundo-do-rock-rio-confira-aqui.htm