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  1. Stan Collymore vs Rangers Fans

    #letthepeoplesingCaveman and ex-kicker of football Stan Collymore is playing a very dangerous game by coming out Pro-Celtic and Anti-Rangers, which has lead to a war of words on twitter about Religion, Racism etc and has made Scottish singer and Rangers fan Amy MacDonald speak out against Stan. The Pro Collymore/Celtic side have adopted this http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00C9YVZT...dm_ws_tlw_trk2 as their song. But you know what its only gonna put the spotlight well and truly on Collymore and to stir the pot its the best 99p you could spend this week. One person that'll be happy with this unexpected exposure is this man https://twitter.com/patchessell from pub singer to chart star because of some dim ex- footballers argument = silver lining. Check out the #LETTHEPEOPLESING