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  1. Scandinavian rock music is still great - particularly norwegian. Has its own style. So much better than US or UK in my opinion. The good the bad and the zugly, gluecifer, combos, blood command, silver, turbonegro, barren womb, bokassa (first album), flash house, magick touch, nude pube banglers, shevils.
  2. I feel like I need to apologise to CD fans who have been going on about Slash ruining solos that they love...... He just ruined a solo that i love
  3. It sounds fake to me but I actually quite like the song!
  4. I really think that thye could have made an Ok album out of the 2 they released this year if they condensed it in to 1. Way too much filler. I quite liked a lot of UL but not much on ROTDC grabs me to be honest. I thought the getaway was a much better album than both of the new John albums. Also saw them live with Josh and he was fantastic.
  5. I have been a fan since 1952 and I think its the best song I've heard since Bill Halley and the comets Rock around the clock.
  6. It sounds like he pressed the demo button on his 1995 casio keyboard and then decided to sing some burt bacharach style karaoke over the top. I'm desperate for new gnr songs but not this desperate.
  7. I've been playing the A-sharp chord in the chorus with d string on the 9th fret rather than 8th. Not because i necessarily have any strong belief it was correct that way. I just started that way when i first played it (just from my head - not listening closely) and i kind of like the way it sounds. Just adds a bit interest in a simple way.
  8. I can't remember Slash being as into performing a song as we saw with the general! I loved it. I thought Axl sounded great. Is slash playing with his guitar slung lower this tour like it used to be? He definitely had it up higher for a while. Oh God - I used to make fun of people who asked weird questions like this....
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