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  1. I must say Slash's solo from the latest release was very disappointing. Just shredding like crazy with no melody. And people say its Frank's fault the band plays too fast!
  2. Yeah fair enough. I guess it is quite a subjective thing also. Some will love an improvised version - others won't. I love Slash's TWAT and TIL (2016 at least) whereas others on this site have been apalled by them. We all will have our own opinions (just that I'm right and evryone else is wrong )
  3. I've never been able to understand why anyone would want Slash (or anyone) to play studio solos note for note night after night. How incredibly boring. Just put the cd on and stay home if thats what you want.
  4. I've always wondered how you maintain such a positive outlook. Your regular posts are like a ray of sunshine in my life.
  5. TWAT sounded amazing! Best thing they've released since 1991! Axl needs to sit down more. He can have a power wheelchair if he still wants to move around.
  6. Coldplay is pop. Just because you're a band that has drums, guitar and bass does not make you a rock band. I have not heard a single coldplay song that sounds anything like rock to me - that includes that violet hill crap previously mentioned.
  7. Luckily for us all it's not over!! As they said before their last concerts - It's the next chapter!! Which seems to mean you play the same songs in the same order but soundcheck a "new" song. What a time to be alive!
  8. I think it's an OK song but it really doesn't sound like GnR to me. It would definitely need a bit of work to make it more interesting in my opinion. I think the love for it is more an indication that we are getting desperate.
  9. ACT 1 Axl enters the room - he's cracking jokes and appears less bloated. Axl: Hey F'n Slash, how the f'n hell are ya? Rock n F'n roll!" etc.....
  10. A decision based entirely on image - not talent.
  11. He's writing a book on the McDonalds franchises around the world.
  12. What was missing? Decent songwriting for a start.
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