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  1. You must be the only person on the planet that likes sugar cane! I'd rather listen to William Shatner's rocket man. I'm actually assuming you're a troll because I'm finding it very hard to believe anyone could find anything redeeming about that song.
  2. I love it! I also love absurd. Like the loose punky feel. I wish duffs vocals were a touch higher and Axl's sat back in the music a bit more but small issues. Just so happy to have new music from guns after all this time. I'm desperate for more! Must admit Mmy favourite version of hardskool might be the soundcheck with vocals pasted over the top. Really gotten in to that version. This is much better than the leaked version though.
  3. How many friggin drummers do they need!?!
  4. How many friggin guitarists do they need!?!
  5. It brings up a playlist for me - OLD SCHOOL HARD RAP hehe........classic Axl!!
  6. Was this the time he cancelled becuase his new hair plugs got inflammed?
  7. Great news everybody!! I had a dream last night that the chili peppers played their first full concert with John Frusciante back in the band and it was on the radio. The first song they played?? Hardschool!!! Sounded pretty good.
  8. I definitely wouldn't rule out the keytar..... As you say what she is doing is very subtle - but I think that's the whole idea!
  9. Like I told my dentist the other day "I'm a guitar player and I guarantee you I don't need a filling" How does being a guitar player make you an expert on keyboards?? What was your guarantee by the way considering Melissa is quoted as sying she is "thickening the guitar sounds"?
  10. They have him on stage for the songs that obviously contain keyboard - like dark necessities. There was another bloke behind stage for tell me baby and some other songs. Also there is a difference between being onstage and being considered a member of the band.
  11. Exactly! Saw the chili peppers at a smaller venue a few years back and could see 2 guys on keyboards out the back. Remember specifically seeing a guy playing along to the chorus guitar line on Tell Me Baby. GnR just have this person out on stage.
  12. I must say Slash's solo from the latest release was very disappointing. Just shredding like crazy with no melody. And people say its Frank's fault the band plays too fast!
  13. Yeah fair enough. I guess it is quite a subjective thing also. Some will love an improvised version - others won't. I love Slash's TWAT and TIL (2016 at least) whereas others on this site have been apalled by them. We all will have our own opinions (just that I'm right and evryone else is wrong )
  14. I've never been able to understand why anyone would want Slash (or anyone) to play studio solos note for note night after night. How incredibly boring. Just put the cd on and stay home if thats what you want.
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