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  1. I just assumed it was ashes settling. I mean, there was a LOT of burning. But it was too white, I guess.
  2. From what I remember of where the books were left, the only one that is walking towards what happened in the show is Tyrion. The rest... I mean, the old man can be giving them the same endings, but he will definitely get there in a better way, OR he could be going somewhere totally different. I have no idea, and frankly if the books were released today I wouldn't even want to read them. I'm mad at Bran doing nothing but being a creep and then sitting on the throne and Jon just being sent away fro no fucking reason. Give me some time and I will once again have faith that George will explain it all.
  3. I wasn't expecting much and still they managed to disappoint me. The only... Let's say joy for lack of a better word I found in it was the bit with Dany and the bit with Sansa
  4. How are there still Dothrakis alive is my question. The rest was shitty. The Daenarys thing went as expected and how it's been building up for years, but the rest... Good Lord! There was a time Tyrion would be smarter than that. Jamie had this whole internal battle to just act like it never happened. Cersei deserved much much worse. I thought Arya would do more, though I think (or more like hope, with this shitty writing) she will do it all next episode. I must have other complaints, but I'm too pissed to remember them all. RELEASE THE BOOKS, GEORGE! LOOK AT WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO YOUR STORY!
  5. Wow, this is really beginning to piss me off. I hope Varys kills Dany in her sleep or something and Jon ends up on the Throne, even though he's an ass and didn't even pat Ghost who fucking lost an ear for him.
  6. Well I do like me some fanservice. Hahaha. The little things with Sansa and Tyrion give me hope. I just want George Axl Martin to come out with The Chinese Winds of Winter Democracy already.
  7. Yes, also true.
  8. Ok, something has been bothering me, and maybe it's just my need for proper sleep and a vacation that causes lack of attention, or maybe it just has been too long since I've read the books (I'm working towards rereading them soon), so see if you can help me:
  9. Sorry about that XD It's been a while since I've logged on here, don't even remember how these work. Let's try.
  10. Well, I think she is going to die not because people want it, but because
  11. I just can't wait for Cersei to die a horrible death so I have a new avatar.