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  1. 10/18/19 - Guadalajara, MX - Estadio Jalisco

    This is exactly it.... How many people from this show do you think actually go on a guns n roses "forum" and check up on every show and setlist?? Or do they just follow the band on facebook or Instagram and are enjoying the shows for what they are? The majority dont know what songs they played at the last gig or even care. Its only a few hundred people or so on these forums that seem to have a problem with the setlist.
  2. Zodiac is nice... More of this please
  3. I actually don't mind this one... Could do with a solo at the end, obviously a demo but its got potential.
  4. Ok, get me in the studio with these guys and i will 100% come up with something far far better 👍 The song is just lame and basic 🤷‍♂️ Same goes for Atlas.. Which is just embarrassing 🤦‍♂️
  5. The quality of these leaks (not audio quality) Hopefully these will not be on a new album or played live and be locked back in the vault never to see the light of day
  6. Im sorry guys but i really don't understand the hype for this song?? I really liked the clip we all had for years and had high hopes for the rest of the song. But to me its really weak and kind of cringy/embarrassing "Hard School"?. Wtf are we like 15 or something... Its really basic and easily forgotten 😔 To me this proves that Axl needs Slash and Duff and Izzy more than ever if we are gonna see anything remotely worthy of the gnr name. Wheres the riffs???