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  1. Layla

    I'm sorry but this is terrible......out of all the songs in the world they could play/cover before playing November rain they choose this!!! It's like really bad elevator music or an awards show theme..... Total crowd killer live aswell
  2. I think it's the GC that ruins the atmosphere, all the people who would go crazy and jump etc etc would usually all find themselves near the front but because of the barriers the crazy party people where mixed with the "singalong" "hold your phone up" people and the energy was sporadic and lack luster. + that piano/song intro to November rain was probably the worst thing I've heard at a rock concert
  3. I was there, concert was amazing Only thing that spoilt it was the GC people wanted to rock and go crazy but can't when stood far away
  4. 06/16/17 - London, GB - London Stadium

    Are all the tshirts £30?
  5. I think the "golden circle" thing is a total crowd killer, all the people that would be going nuts probably can't afford those tickets, so we get a bunch of boring wankers at the front just stood there.