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  1. WTF Finck Solo

    I miss that period in GNR. It was dangerous and raw and exciting. Things we can never say about the band anymore
  2. I also agree with every word and feel exactly the same. It's been a while since slash impressed me and he used to do it quite easily. I remember going to the SMKC concert last year or so and taking the longest breaks to get drinks or go to the bathroom when he did the long solos because it was so boring. And i play guitar and started playing because of him. Never though this would come. I still like the guy and he's a beast. But too many notes per second.
  3. WTF Finck Solo

    Finck was the best thing to happen to Guns. PERIOD
  4. NITL live videos on youtube

    But if it did happen it would be epic! in the meantime! see if Frank and Brain are up for something. Those two together should be epic!!!
  5. NITL live videos on youtube

    Fernando should just do an episode with Brando Appetite for distortion. Brando knows not to push sensitive buttons and allows the guests to be comfortable but produces great content and could create a bridge with Gnr Fans. This QA was cool for fernando to do bc it's speaking directly to the fan base, but at the end of the day this doesn't produce anything interesting to listen to IMHO. And that's probably why he asked not to record it. Kinda stupid someone didn't follow that rule, bc now we could have no more open conversations.
  6. jesus, that was the best time i've had watching a podcast! Please do one with Brain and Frank... you could even invite matt... Awesome job brando
  7. This is the worst band to be a fan of. Axl managed to release one album in 30 years since the UYI records. That tells us how much we can expect from him until he dies. He clearly doesn't wan't to release music or do anything other than playing the same concert for the last 20 years. Line ups change but the band is what it is. Minimum effort, give back nothing. Interaction Zero. So much so they have convinced me to stop caring too, i guess we can all reminisce on what our favorite incarnation was and see their concerts or listen to the records they released but we can't expect them to do what obviously they don't like doing. It's a shame when they have peers like metallica that seem so motivated to make music, create art and share it with their fan base. In fact most bands feel joy from this. Axl prefers to just "Shut up and sing". Oh well, i'm happy the tour got postponed, maybe i'll get my money back and i don't have to put up with a fat singer, out of breath that doesn't care about anything other than drinking soda and eating carbs in the couch all day. Axl is pissing away a god given talent for over 30 years. His legacy will be procrastinating for 3 decades. I'm sad i believed in him for so long and actually though there was something else preventing him to release music and do what's expected of an artist. In fact he was just happy being himself.
  8. Norah Jones covers Patience

    Wow, if axl could only turn on a camera in his house and play us a concert when we most need him
  9. could be cancelled https://heraldodemexico.com.mx/escena/vive-latino-2020-coronavirus-oms-covid-19-pandemia/
  10. i hope they cancel it, i could use my money back for the same show.
  11. I got tickets for this and for Lisbon front row. Kinda bummed now because everything points for the same fucking show i've seen a million times. Hope they do the right thing in the end