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  1. MYGNR forum members bands

    thank you so much kwick! I also started a music project called In Lisbon where a band i put together hosts a different singer each time and we're doing web episodes with 3 live tracks recorded live at a studio with a small interview. we just recorded the first ep and we recorded Still of the Night by whitesnake, Dream on by Aerosmith and Sweet Child by Gnr. and we played the guitar solo like guns used to do with Ashba and BBF to split the solo between me and the other guitar player in the band. I'll post it once its released
  2. MYGNR forum members bands

    hey guys, i just put out a video with my band Yellowdog Conspiracy. We got Mike Clink to produce our record and here is the video. Hope you like it. I'm playing Rhythm guitar in this band. The record is on apple music and spotify if you wanna check it out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vFhoE-26Ww
  3. Given that axl just pulled off the 4th biggest tour in the world i don't think he'll care much if some trump supporters are butt hurt. Axl was an obama supporter, he's clearly a democrat therefore he feels like he always felt and he will always speak his mind. If you don't like, dont come to the shows and go support trump, Its a free world out there.
  4. Looks exactly like a guitar DJ Ashba would put his hands on..
  5. 11/17/17 - Las Vegas, NV - T-Mobile Arena

    why are you such a dick. Thats axls sister amy in the middle and margot, the ultimate fan girl that has been to almost every NITL concert or even all of them actually. educate yourself before you hurt yourself
  6. Robin Finck: opinions? Is he a good guitarist?

    well first of all when i like a guitar player its because he or she does something that is quite unique so to put him on a list next 5 other guys that sound nothing like him seems the kind of reasoning a 10 year old would come up with. music is about individuality and what you bring to the table. Robin is an amazing guitar player with a career many would envy. On top of that he is extremely good at a unique classic rock, bluesy sound and also on the industrial side. Its stupid to try and defend him just because some people, like you, dont get it. Its ok, its just like sex, some people get it, some dont. If i can respect the fact that you dont care about him, why is it so difficult to accept that lots of people actually love his work. Live he was and still is one of the most interesting guitar players i've seen. and i have seen quite a few because playing guitar is actually what i do for a very long time.
  7. Robin Finck: opinions? Is he a good guitarist?

    i know i do. But you know what? its a matter of personal taste. I Really connect with Robin as a guitar player and songwriter. Live i think he is phenomenal. But everyone can have their own opinion. Its just music, its not suppose to have the same effect on everyone. But whatever axl saw in him i did to. That guy is number one in my book.
  8. Robin Finck: opinions? Is he a good guitarist?

    Robin Rocks, as tasteful as it gets and you def need to understand something about rock n roll to appreciate him. if you re looking for a slash clone, look any other way. But if you enjoy hendrix, peter green and jimmy page you might just love Robin. i Know i do and he's a big reason why gnr was interesting after slash. His 2006/2007 tour was amazing! and Axl was singing and running around like crazy. Still the best shows i attended even after NITLT tour. So Robin Rocks and Fuck the haters
  9. you re right, just heard the original again, same track dif mix. but the vocals sound much cleaner though
  10. Robin Finck: opinions? Is he a good guitarist?

    i think you re mistaking patience for djs version. Robins solo on that. from a guitar player point of view seems like the most interesting cover to the solo after the original. he uses a lot of tasteful triads there and adds something very unique. he plays in key and understands the song structure and makes it his own. Dj didn't do so well. out of key and time almost always.
  11. the vocals are different from the take we have on cd for sure. i think this version sounds more organic and less pro tooly. i think this one with good guitars could've been the way to go... just needs a lil work on that area.
  12. axis voice sounds better, much better. i can't make out who's playing guitar, but i prefer the new version. The solo does sound really good with the different mix, more bass and the speech sounds better also. i like it! thanks!!!
  13. i just bought a ticket to download festival in Madrid! should be fun!
  14. i thought keri kelli recorded that record, maybe he only toured behind it? weird i didnt make that connection. i Love Ryan Roxie. His band in sweeden is also amazing. gonna listen to it
  15. if you look at bbf arrangements for any gnr track, from better to civil war and sorry that he did in his private shows, the arrangement alone for guitar is out of this world. he covers the singing melody and chord progression at the same time, its not unique because many guitar players can do that, not all, but some do. whats interesting about his take is that he is on a level where he can hear the melody and translate immediately to guitar with licks and runs that are reminiscent of hendrix to steve vai. thats pretty amazing and on that level there arent so many to pull it off. what that gives you is a core idea of the song in one instrument and if you understand what he is playing its pretty mind blowing. so i stand by my comments, BBF is an amazing artist bar none. if i miss him in gnr? no we have slash that actually wrote those songs, at the same time i cant take anything away from such an amazing guitar player as bbf is. We were lucky to have him on so many levels when slash wasnt an option One of the things we can he thankful for is him always trying to push and actually getting new songs on the setlist. BBF is the reason why Axl started singing dont cry again and also Estranged. BBF rocks regardless of anyones opinion on him. we all can have our opinion but when it comes down to it that dude can play the six string, or any number of strings actually, like its no ones business.