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  1. Frank was probably the guy that had the song nailed perfectly. Slash fucked up the solo, Axl doesn't know how to count. Frank did no wrong. People just like to say shit about him. His Locomotive was perfect. Everyone made mistakes, he takes the fall. Could it be because he is black? I really don't get why everyone thinks they are drumming experts and Frank sucks. I play guitar since i was 7, have been in bands since i was 17, i think Frank is great drummer. He changes things, because he wasn't paid to copy notes but to bring his own input. But these last 2 new songs are great. No complaints from me.
  2. he tagged her after we started asking where she was in the IG comments. yesterday she wasn't tagged
  3. Duff interview.

    Great interview. F the haters.
  4. Omg the DC interview was a blast! how nice is he!? what an amazing human being. i''m writing this half way through the show just because i thought i'd share how cool DC is and Brandon is so engaging. Best podcast ever. PERIOD! Way to go Brandon. You killed it!!!
  5. Can't wait for this!!! Brain was the best interview of all of them!!! he is the funniest and has the most awesome stories to share. Can't wait to get home!