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  1. You know how you will stop texting a girl after they ignore you a couple times? Yeah, I’m sure that same thing applies here.
  2. Not to be a jerk but speculation at this point is just unwarranted and foolish. The band is a joke and a cash grab. Not even an integral cash grab releasing anything remotely new and exciting. We are the least luckiest fan base in rock.
  3. No those are different vocals, not the same ones on the re-recorded Appetite. He recorded those vocals specifically for Live Era. Everyone knows which songs/lines are re-recorded on Live Era, it’s well documented. And obvious too.
  4. Any Buckcherry fans here? I’m looking for some shows/bootlegs. I’ve got a fair amount but know there’s so much out there but pretty hard to find fellow buckcherry fans. even Josh Todd’s solo bands over the years... looking for anything! If this is wrong section please move.
  5. I once heard the Live Era Paradise City on my local classic rock station.
  6. Mine has always been Chicago 92. Love the “Time to fuckin’ die!”
  7. I’m getting my first turn table very soon. I’m thinking about getting the U Turn Orbit plus. Anyone have experience with it? It’s belt driven, and I’ve been told belts can be a hassle at times. I’m in love with the aesthetic of it and it seems to be really high quality for the price.
  8. Dude, you can’t joke on here! You made 2015-2016 even better...
  9. Honestly, their ballads before Get a Grip all we’re pretty damn good. They all were unique and different, sometimes experimental. From Get a Grip on, they got very repetitive, following the same formulas. However, I enjoy them all pretty much. Although it’s not a ballad exactly, more of an epic I guess, Darkness is a killer song. Done With Mirrors is under rated. Tyler really let it all out with his voice on that one.
  10. He hasn’t rasped that’s since 2010. Axl/DC was 2016.
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