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  1. I thought it couldn’t get worse. I never in a million years see Axl approving this shit… i think he just doesn’t give a shit at all anymore lol Fernando take the wheel
  2. That 2016 Nightrain should be on everyone’s music app. I downloaded years ago when it aired on serius xm in 2017
  3. That might just be the weirdest part about Axl then. He really went off the deep-end in some ways.
  4. Definitely. But hey, maybe he didn’t have space to actually warm up his voice and just went at it without warming up much. Doubt he’d do that, but it would explain how weak he sounds. Voice was very linear and weird during most of that performance. Springsteen sung him off the stage! Lol
  5. Disagree. His voice certainly did have a slightly distinct sound in 89. But I liked parts of 86-88 and 92-93 a lot better
  6. The Brownstone riff at the end of the chorus.
  7. How funny is it all the interviewers year after year just have no clue that Guns is a joke in regards to material. Nostalgia, touring act. Anything else should be considered bonuses ie Hard Skool (which is half as good as the demo) Case closed.
  8. This forum was a much better place before you starting popping up in every thread. You’re unwanted here with your daily bs… see yourself out man… get a hobby…
  9. I was on the rail. Just seemed like Axl heard a fan call something out in between songs maybe a song request and he responded with that chant instead
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