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  1. At this point, this is an easier prediction than being the weatherman in Los Angeles. Axl will sound like Mickey and when he pushes his voice will crack. Slash and the rest of the band will kick ass per usual. They’ll add 1-2 older numbers into the setlist. And maybe, if we’re lucky, we’ll get a new cover song
  2. Honestly, this and the EP should be one LP. Itd be 14 songs and nonstop Aerosmith inspired rock n roll. It’s basically an Aerosmith LP but is missing the more experimental numbers that Steven and Joe always came up with
  3. AC/DC is just incredible... hardest, best riffs, countless timeless songs. Bon, Brian. 1980, BIB. A wild ride. Fly on the Wall is probably my favorite of the post BIB albums
  4. No... there would be tons of screenshots of that like that are with the old Izzy tweets. Although they could easily be faked
  5. Not saying it’s true, but a popular theory in the past was the label rejecting CDII, apparently going to be self titled and a 2010 release. That is what could’ve killed his motivation and set him into autopilot
  6. You know how you will stop texting a girl after they ignore you a couple times? Yeah, I’m sure that same thing applies here.
  7. Not to be a jerk but speculation at this point is just unwarranted and foolish. The band is a joke and a cash grab. Not even an integral cash grab releasing anything remotely new and exciting. We are the least luckiest fan base in rock.
  8. No those are different vocals, not the same ones on the re-recorded Appetite. He recorded those vocals specifically for Live Era. Everyone knows which songs/lines are re-recorded on Live Era, it’s well documented. And obvious too.
  9. Any Buckcherry fans here? I’m looking for some shows/bootlegs. I’ve got a fair amount but know there’s so much out there but pretty hard to find fellow buckcherry fans. even Josh Todd’s solo bands over the years... looking for anything! If this is wrong section please move.
  10. I once heard the Live Era Paradise City on my local classic rock station.
  11. Mine has always been Chicago 92. Love the “Time to fuckin’ die!”
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