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  1. I love the verses to State of Grace. The vocal delivery and the lyrics. Axls best industrial take imo.
  2. Yep, and in 1-2 years from now when this website/YouTube channel are both inactive, it’ll be confirmed for me. This is about keeping Axl Rose’s name/reputation protected from the super model that is suing him for sexual assault for an encounter 35 years ago. He has most likely had this website made by a PR firm to make sure this is what pops up when people google Axl, and not sexual assault accusations.
  3. How much studio time do we think Bucket gave the band in 2003/2004? I always assumed not much since that’s when things really got chaotic and stagnant for the band, and he was made a scapegoat for certain cancellations.
  4. It’s an absolute shame that we never got to witness a 2002 performance of There Was A Time. Seeing Finck and more importantly Buckethead hit their solos. And I believe that in 2002 Axl was best equipped to nail those screams. We’ve all seen his Live and Let Die scream from 2002, he had the power, stamina and rasp to absolutely nail it. It would’ve been a definitive performance from that era. Not sure why but this thought has kept coming to my head lately and I figured some of you guys would relate.
  5. Terrible. Embarrassing. And worst of all, totally reminded me of The General video. GNR ain’t much better rn tbh… :/
  6. “Feel the Axl Rose vibe.” A silly quote on the front page about living and running… this feels like something Axl had absolutely nothing to do with. He may have green lit the idea… that’s it.
  7. Man, I think we’re all way too fatigued and let down by what The General turned out to be. That was supposed to be the true big gun we’ve fantasized about for 2 decades. Hard to really get hyped for anything CD era at this point. We’ll take whatever we can get, of course.
  8. Obviously she has no clue about the song ‘Monsters.’ What an asinine thing to ponder.
  9. Reddit mods 100% have TB ties. Just like Jarmo in the old days. They protect the band/Axl by censoring half the sub
  10. Yes, I think the band leaked the tracks. Didn’t GN’R officially register ‘The General and Monsters,’ a week before the leak? Why would Monsters just be tacked on to the documentation… seems to me the band was planning the leak immediately following the delayed release. Who really would’ve been able to get soundboard mixes of these 2 songs and leak them
  11. Usually when GNR post something on their socials, whether it be sub-par live Axl vocals, or a rare new song, the comments section is relatively positive from the casual fan base. Most of the comments on Instagram are people saying that the song sucks. Not good. I actually like the general, but I can totally see how fans don’t.
  12. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, I believe. The amount of accusations combined with Axl having deeply disturbing abuse experience in his youth, leads me to think some of these accusations could be true. Don’t really care that much either way but just my 2 cents.
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