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  1. I mean, he was the backbone of what came to be GNR. He went to LA first. He made the initial connections. He planned most of the early shows/lineups. He saw the fuckery, and did one of the most honorable things ever and left the worlds biggest band for his own health. The biggest band in the world, that he played the biggest role in starting. I’d be pissed too if Mickey Mouse is cashing million dollar checks off of a lot of Izzys work.
  2. No, only suckers care at this point. Was stale 2018-2020 too. With the prices they’re charging, they’ll be lucky to fill half the capacity. For what, the worst version of Hard School ever, pretty tied up and so fine? No. Ax is washed and the only hope is like what’s been mentioned. They change up the lineup, play shorter sets, and go out right. Fuck being a GNR fan
  3. To OP, slash and Duff are still full time career musicians. Axl obviously isn’t releasing shit because nothing worked out the way he wanted. Obviously, Axl is the most stubborn and insecure top rock star ever
  4. My memory is 100% with it, but basically when Ron joined he wasn’t welcomed with open arms by some of the band. He had to learn some songs in difficult ways, like learning this TWAT solo that day (or week) with his laptop, something like that. Basically he just learned the solo and performed it flawlessly with barely any practice with it
  5. Haven’t listened to this one in a year or 2. Ron’s solo and the story behind it, epic. Was always weird how Axl only did the last section of the screams, but holy shit, he put everything into it at the end.
  6. In simplest terms, she dated him very briefly. I heard she had a dream to fuck him since she was a teen, so it was fulfilling that fantasy for her. That’s just what I heard recently...
  7. Okay, I know Axl wears the Amiri jeans, black leather underneath the cuts at first then red flannel. Both badass. I’m not in that market, but does anyone know of some somewhat affordable jeans that have that similar look of the leather on the inside of the rips? Thanks...
  8. I’m surprised Code Red doesn’t do it for you. That’s my favorite one off the LP by far
  9. So you can't get on the rail in the pit for anything less than $600? Wow, fuck that man. They aint selling out shit
  10. I think it’s about time he grows out the beard. I’ve lost faith in anything else, just try the beard
  11. Axl probably heard you. Ate him alive for a week and a half and he cracked, tour over. Thanks...
  12. Singing in that style, no rasp more so him talk singing through a lot of lines make it sound so much more noticeable when he’s gasping in between lines haha. No, 2002 shows he was on point from a stamina stand point. Thick daddy Axl shape
  13. I mean, he sang the song basically the same way in 01-02 lol... yeah he was out of breath on MTV but if he had his 88 or 92 voice it would’ve been an all timer.
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