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  1. First ever GnR song that you heard?

    1991. 5 years old. My sister was supposed to take me to see 101 Dalmatians in theatre. Her boyfriend at the time had other plans. Took us to see T2. That experience changed the course of my life.
  2. These "Rough Mixes" are as close to a "Director's Cut" we're going to get. Think of Richard Donner's Superman II, Ridley Scott's Blade Runner or even films that went through a sordid production and were cancelled (ie. Superman Lives) Fans tend to hold these pieces of art in higher regard because there is something fantastical and romantic about an artist having his art suppressed and then getting glimpses of their "vision".
  3. We could have had this....20 YEARS AGO!!!!!!
  4. Axl and TB’s thoughts/actions on leaks?

    It does have to suck for them in a way.... The band has morphed back into something they can no longer control. No one is going to stop this cash cow from continuing on and no one is going to allow anyone else to stop it from continuing. And if they are as narcissistic as they portray online, people like that have a hard time accepting that they no longer help the wheels on the bus go round and round....
  5. LOL... All these years, I just wanted the CD era to end and wanted the AFD5 to reunite. Now.... all I want are '99 era mixed songs on a reissued Chinese Democracy release!!!
  6. The short of it is Fernando Vargas went hard at De La Hoya in the media, calling him out for a potential fight, and when they finally met in the ring, De La Hoya spanked Vargas in the 11th and TKO'd him.
  7. "Breaking news: The original Mona Lisa was damaged in a fire, a monumental los...." "....It's ok guys, I took a picture of it in during my last vacation!"
  8. LOL The way Fortus is spoken about reminds me of draft night analysis... He's got great length Tom! His wingspan is impressive! Can really play the position! Just give me the guy who actually helped write the greatest selling debut album of all time! K! Thnx! Bye!
  9. Toronto 2010 - Trekked through a snow storm which took me 4 1/2 hours to get to Toronto. Long wait for Guns, the usher who stood next to me looked nervous and actually said, "I hope you guys don't riot." Toronto 2016 - Bubbles and his girlfriend were standing behind me in the PIT. Big commotion for a minute, and then she tried to get in front of me. Wasn't having it. I think they eventually retreated as people began to recognize him. Toronto 2017 - Chaos outside the venue. They didn't know where to send VIP and where to send PIT ticket holders. Different venue staff kept telling us different things. Talked with Jarmo a little bit when we got inside. Slash threw me his pick during the show