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  1. That was a pleasant surprise. He is missed!
  2. It's a shame this level of musicianship wasn't saved for the Guns N' Roses album. What could have been.....
  3. Need your help!

    More trinkets please. And stickers. Scratch N' Sniff too! Don't hold back on the good stuff!
  4. RussTCB Stepping Down

    I'm late to this thread but just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work you put into helping this site function and all the discussion you helped facilitate! Forums that have a sense of community are great to be a part of, and even if they don't last, it's still great to be a part of it at one time or another, and I think you were a big part of making MyGNR have a sense of community! Cheers
  5. Live playing energy

    If I could guess, I'm sure Pitman felt like a loyal confidant of Axl Rose and he stood proudly in that circle of "Yes" men who surrounded Axl and believed all the hype and vitriol that was spewed against Slash and other former members over the years. He probably felt - at some point during those years - that the Guns N' Roses they were in was the real band, and that Slash/Duff and the others were enemies forever on the outside. And fast forward, all of a sudden, everything is being pushed aside for the enemy - and that enemy is now a bed fellow. And Pitman just loses it. I can see why he said what he said. He has more balls than the rest who tucked their tail and did a turn about just so they could tag along for the gravy train.
  6. Great song. Great melody. Band is tight. Song has punch! Definitely a throwback to the Illusion era.
  7. "How dare you?!" sully the great name of Jack Tunney by comparing him to Fernando. Fernando is The Red Rooster!

    That they would even dare make money off a global catastrophe in the form of commercial goods- regardless or whatever political stance they're opining with is low hanging fruit. Save that for a ten minute concert rant. That's fine and welcomed. The tshirt was not.

    Without sounding dramatic, I'm kind of speechless. You can tell they couldn't see the forest for the trees on this one. What happens if you are a Guns fan and you've been affected by the virus - lost your job/business, had a family or friend pass, etc. I can't see that shirt making you feel good.

    I've always appreciated the rough edges of the original incarnation. And I don't have the energy to really feel one way or another about the band over the last 20 years. But this breaks my heart. How could they be so mean spirited. So spiteful. So tone-deaf. It reeks of petulance and short sightedness. I'm embarrassed as a fan. They missed the mark on this one. By a mile. Holy fuck.

    I got the email 15 minutes ago. Disgusting. *No gif*
  12. NITL live videos on youtube

    I think you're being trolled, my friend. I spoke directly with Fernando, and sparing no expense, has been editing and cutting the concerts by hand. Should be done by 2032...
  13. There's an alternate universe out there where it's the... A.) BerenSTEIN Bears AND B.) Guns N' Roses release music
  14. NITL live videos on youtube

    She makes Robert John look like Annie Leibovitz