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  1. Pit tickets bought and paid for....
  2. *TB Command Central* 2 and a half hours into 3 hour meeting.... *Phone rings. Nervous hand fidgets with phone, picks it up* "Yes....?" *Indistinct Chatter* "Yes. Things aren't looking good. I understand. Yes." *Hangs up phone* *Long pause* "Get me a new album, Izzy Stradlin, Gilby and Matt.... Chris Pitman, a GN'R Lego set and more flashy screen animations!!!!"
  3. Wow! Never seen Corgan live so this will be a bonus! 🎃
  4. So I got pit tickets for Toronto.....
  5. I'll be there for Toronto.... Though valid, those on the fence should put their frustrations aside, go see the band if the price point is something that works for you. With recent events (Kobe) you would kick yourself if something happened and you were never able to see them live again.
  6. I think there is enough evidence/innuendo/conjecture out there to fly a Boeing 747 through the "we don't know why Izzy isn't here" nonsense... Axl himself, during the Globo interview, explains that it was Paul Tollett's offer to play Coachella that got the ball rolling. He (Axl) then sought out Slash to discuss the "reunion". Reading between the lines, it's obvious that Tollett's offer would only be extended if Axl and Slash shared the stage. We know that there are seemingly two entities known as Guns N' Roses. The original business partnership that was amalgamated through the 90's that now only includes Axl/Slash/Duff, and then the "band known as Guns N' Roses," which Axl holds power over and has seen every hooker this side of Sunset be a part of. The real power lies in the partnership trinity of A/S/D; survived through the original band's breakup. This is important because, Axl, Slash and Duff have their own management and counsel...so everything negotiated and agreed upon leading up to Coachella was done with separate counsel. If a new partnership was formed in light of Coachella/NITL tour, it would be super interesting to know the details of. This ties into Izzy because he is the odd man out. He has no leverage. He is no longer in partnership with A/S/D after he left the band, having to sell off his stake, as per the Steven Adler fiasco. So it's in the best interest of A/S/D to work together now, because they all see profit between the three moving forward. Izzy does not (outside of royalties). It's apparent that some sort of conversation occurred, whether it was just a guest spot or a full return with a diminished share, we don't know. But Izzy's tweet says it all. Once the NITL became a success, all of Izzy's leverage evaporated. Now, my axe to grind with Duff is this......His comments were insincere and seemingly slanted. It's fine if he he offered Izzy a nickel, and Izzy said fuck off. But don't pretend that's not the reason, and don't tell me you don't think much of it and then go fucking 'round splashing AFD5 iconography everywhere and give me fucking Frank Ferrer and Richard Fortus.
  7. To quote the great poet Arnold Schwarzenegger Axl is seemingly offered a cool million (plus?) by Paul Tollett to reunite with Slash at Coachella....Out of the kindness of his heart, Axl reunites with Slash to perform as "Guns N' Roses" at Coachella Slash pulls a power play at the 11th hour (allegedly) to secure a higher percentage of the split, Duff concedes his percentage (allegedly) After Izzy's absence and some half-baked excuse by Axl and Duff, Izzy responds on Twitter by saying they didn't want to split the loot This whole thing has been about money, plain and simple. Any other reason is a slight of hand to make this "reunion" and subsequent tour look organic.....
  8. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    Supply and demand. It's unfortunate, but the minute sales begin to stagnate, you will see a change in ticket pricing. Until then, expect more of the same across all continents. And then you have mopes like me, who, absolutely consider this lineup a sham, and don't care much for the last twenty years of goings on with the band, but will not hesitate to buy inflated pit tickets because I want to see Axl and Slash up close and personal!
  9. James Bond Thread - No Time To Die (April 2020)

    The tropes of Craig's Bond now seem bland and boring, whereas Connery/Moore's tropes seemed familiar and fun. Craig looks as though he isn't even having the slightest bit of fun, and I can't blame him after watching Bond regress to an oafish, lumbering brute after Casino Royale. Then again, I've never had much regard for Barbara and Michael G's sense of stewardship. Such was obvious when they started filming Tomorrow Never Dies without a finished script.
  10. Epstein Dead: Reported Suicide

    Are you of the opinion that Epstein's relationship with Maxwell and Robert Maxwell's unspoken Israeli/Mossad connection is a sign that Epstein was simply an agent of Mossad?
  11. MYGNRFORUM YouTube Policy

    At this point, I'm more happy to support MyGNR over the ACTUAL Gn'R
  12. Solutions

    PSA everyone: Downzy and the mods always take care of us, they'll figure it out!
  13. First ever GnR song that you heard?

    1991. 5 years old. My sister was supposed to take me to see 101 Dalmatians in theatre. Her boyfriend at the time had other plans. Took us to see T2. That experience changed the course of my life.