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  1. Don't bother with signs - Gio will rip that shite quick if he can get a hold of it!
  2. Did he say "faux leather" or "faux lineup".....
  3. 4th....But there's only...That means....
  4. SMKC Living the Dream tour New Album Sept 21

    Does Rama allow you to leave your seat and walk to the stage? If I can get floor, I think I will go. The seating arrangement seems odd though.
  5. SMKC Living the Dream tour New Album Sept 21

    One or two floor tickets available on presale - but they are very back (section F6) The fan presale and Rama member presale are about the same in terms of seat selection so they either froze out the floor or their preferred members gobbled up all the tickets Just keep checking back, especially when the general sale starts up
  6. House of Blues 2001 ***NO LINKS***

    WTF.....Me logging into this sight every day now like:
  7. Time for the tough questions Fernando.... 1.) Your reaction when Axl asked you to for Slash's number? 2.) Laurel or Yanny?
  8. Is Fernando talking 'ish about MYGnR..?
  9. If Easy Lover is rockin' enough for Double Dragon, it's rock enough for me!
  10. This whole thread has me like Thank you to everyone who shared!
  11. I'll take the bait..... Steven IS GN'R! Izzy > 4tus Frank sucks Slaxluff are in it for the money Chinese Democracy wasn't a Guns album Now if you'll excuse me...
  12. My stages of grief Stage 1 - gunsguy original post Stage 2 - Finding out its only Appetite remastered Stage 3 - Thinking one day I'll see the AFD5 reunite....