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  1. Let’s honestly talk about ticket prices...

    The ticket prices are a direct result of the guaranteed pay days S/D/A are receiving and LiveNation recouping those costs through exorbitant ticket pricing. Nostalgia = branding = money = profit. I don't blame the the big three - but I do find them at the very least - tone deaf - and at the very worst - implicit in this ruse.
  2. Mass Shooting, Las Vegas, 10/01/2017

    So very sad and tragic. Thoughts go out to the hundreds killed/injured and the thousands of people who will undoubtedly be effected by this event. It's a sad day when something meant to be unequivocally fun and celebratory now morphs into something so utterly horrifying, and no one is at fault but one deranged human with access to the means to inflict harm. Stay safe to all MyGnR'ers traveling to future concerts and events!
  3. I hope things work out for ya JB! Unless a full on reunion occurs - I might call these two Toronto shows my swan song. These shows are not getting cheaper to to go.
  4. What happened to GNR?

    You're not wrong. And it chaps my ass to say it.
  5. The Toronto shows should be interesting....
  6. I thought the whole band was off (Guns - for clarification.) My own personal belief is that this is the weakest incarnation of the band that Slash and Duff have ever been a part of. Frank just can't keep those tempos tight - he's a little too flimsy. They feel disjointed and all over the place sometimes. Makes you appreciate how tight they were by '93 considering the additions of Matt and Gilby.
  7. What happened to Steven Adler?

    Narrative. A coincidental meeting seems innocuous. A strategic rendezvous to reintegrate himself into Axl's life in hopes of finding a way to get back into Guns N' Roses....is another matter. That's just the rumour, though.
  8. What happened to Steven Adler?

    From my understanding, the rumour is that their meeting was not coincidental. Duff used his connections to get close to Axl (Same hotel, same floor) and reconnect with him. The story of TB trying to block Duff's entrance points to the fact that Duff had to strong arm his way back into Axl's circle. The purpose of all that.... ....Seems pretty clear now
  9. 08/24/17 - Winnipeg, MB - Investors Group Field

    Awesome! In Ottawa, Axl came in way too early with his first verse and actually ran into Slash. Band recovered pretty well though
  10. 08/21/17 - Ottawa, ON - TD Place Stadium

    @James Bond Glad you had a great time and safe trip! It was a really fun show! Axl struggled in some spots, his mic was low in the mix right in front of the Pit - but his charisma is out of this world. Axl wasn't as strong as he was in 2016 - but you can tell he's giving it his all. And that's all you can ask for. As a fan, I have no complaints! I can't say enough about Slash - an absolute legend! He killed it! He really is lifting this up to another level. He dropped down to his knees right in front of me during Whole Lotta Rosie - highlight of the night for me! Hope Toronto in October can work out!!! @Black Sabbath I was standing to the left of you in the Pit! Great to see a super fan with a lot of love and dedication! Glad you got to meet Axl! Side Note: Pit 1 was rowdy as fuck. Gio jumped right over the guard rail and practically crushed me during Paradise City. He said it was only the second time in 14 years (pun intendned?) that he had to jump the rail and throw someone out himself. Side Note 2: Don't piss Gio off
  11. 08/21/17 - Ottawa, ON - TD Place Stadium

    Lithograph #1
  12. Wow! Definitely jumping on EBay for that Litho! Such an iconic image from the show! Willing to part with $100-120 USD If anyone grabs it and wants to sell it !