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  1. I'm more interested in the conversation between Slash and Duff when they talk about recording new music.... DUFF: Axl doesn't want Matt. He wants Frank to the session drummer SLASH:
  2. LOL @ Band. This is an enterprise. Nothing more. Nothing less.
  3. 6th/7th picture - there is a small child on a mans shoulders. I noticed them at the beginning of the show - then I noticed a bunch of security guards and other ACC personnel standing around them ushering them all out. Just was curious what happened - as that section of the seats seemed to have a lot of people getting kicked out.
  4. The two guys with the kid two/three rows in front of you...do you know what happened with all that?
  5. To lighten the mood.... - Night 1 Night 2
  6. What a night! Axl was on fire and Slash threw me his pick at the end of "Better"
  7. No limit to how many lithos could be purchased. Someone bought 7 and another bought 4. Only 25 available at Gate 1 merch. stand. Happy just to get 1
  8. Can I start you a gofundme for all the times you get called "dude
  9. Up close and personal...

    Courtesy of Frans N' Roses
  11. Let’s honestly talk about ticket prices...

    The ticket prices are a direct result of the guaranteed pay days S/D/A are receiving and LiveNation recouping those costs through exorbitant ticket pricing. Nostalgia = branding = money = profit. I don't blame the the big three - but I do find them at the very least - tone deaf - and at the very worst - implicit in this ruse.
  12. Mass Shooting, Las Vegas, 10/01/2017

    So very sad and tragic. Thoughts go out to the hundreds killed/injured and the thousands of people who will undoubtedly be effected by this event. It's a sad day when something meant to be unequivocally fun and celebratory now morphs into something so utterly horrifying, and no one is at fault but one deranged human with access to the means to inflict harm. Stay safe to all MyGnR'ers traveling to future concerts and events!
  13. I hope things work out for ya JB! Unless a full on reunion occurs - I might call these two Toronto shows my swan song. These shows are not getting cheaper to to go.
  14. What happened to GNR?

    You're not wrong. And it chaps my ass to say it.
  15. The Toronto shows should be interesting....