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  1. Stuck in trafic... Anyone there to checks on the lithos? Almost 5pm and haven't seen anything pop up yet.
  2. Anyone here going? I should be there around 2.
  3. Anyone already there to check on the possible lithograph at the merch?
  4. Axl said he sucked before Slither but from here he's impressive for a first show.
  5. Btw, Mickey is nowhere to ibe seen!
  6. Crowd on Slither was fucking sad... 90% seemed to hear it for the first time...
  7. Correct, but would they rehearse twice a song they're not going to play?
  8. Can confirm, full coverage.
  9. Nobody actually gives a shit about Manic...
  10. Greta was so much better than them imo, everyone is bored in the pit.
  11. Merch was a nightmare to handle, 150 lithos printed.