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  1. McBob Introducing GN'R Again

    Why are you talking to me?
  2. Supposedly, it started 10 minutes ago.
  3. I have a great view too from 107, but it's still really empty.
  4. Just bought it, everything is bad... But still couldn't help it...
  5. Do you now what time it's opening ?
  6. Any idea about what time we can expect the merch to open ? How was it for the previous shows ?
  7. McBob Introducing GN'R Again

    No opening band, no McBob, insane prices, mediocre lithos, I should be in Houston on Friday but this part of the tour is definitely not the most exciting.
  8. Whoever did this should be in jail.
  9. Missed @Rusty69's post... :/ Still looking for 2 extra tickets for Houston, feel free to PM me.
  10. So, @estrangedtwat, does that meet your expectations...?