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  1. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    Man do I love me these February sweeps! All 3 of my soaps are getting GOOD. Awww poor Willow....that was a hard scene to watch. Poor Chase didnt seem to know how to handle her grief. He's so serious...cop mode still. And that last scene when Lucas said goodbye to Wylie and handed him to Michael. And damn that crazy Nelle! How could Brad not see how manipulative that girl is? That she would twist the story and put all the blame on him. Well he sure as hell does now!!!! Hope your wknd was good! Dish had free movie preview wknd so got to watch tons of movies on channels like Starz that I never get.
  2. General Chat / Random Musings

    You said younger? A baby? Be careful with those mama and baby moose! Mama moose dont mess around up here and will charge and stomp you if you get too close to her baby. Not good!
  3. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2020 Edition

    Mods...we need to update this to 2020. Anyways today I watched Platoon and Misery.
  4. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    Wow, yeah this story line at first with Jordan and Taggert was interesting to me in the least, but now it is. GH is finally starting to become a real dramatic soap again!!! I loved it when Michael took Wylie from Nelle and Wylie smiled at him....he really likes Michael. So sweet.
  5. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    Oh wow, that is what I am talking about! FINALLY the truth is revealed. Carly rocked her scene which I am not surprised and I felt awful for Michael. I just hope that freakin Nelle doesn't take off with Wylie, I will be pissed if they do that. But I really liked the scene between Nelle and Willow, just wish that Willow had won the fight haha.
  6. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    They sure are giving miss Nelle a lot of screen time but I HOPE that everything I read is true and that this dang Wylie secret is finally coming out! Can't wait to see Michael's reaction....especially towards Nelle. and then Carly and Sonny's reaction. I.can.not.wait!!!!!
  7. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    Yeah I did remember reading that about how the actors would have to re-negotiate their contracts....but I did not think it was really going to happen. Wow, well that stinks. Awwww, don't say that about Valentin! I would be crushed if he were let go, but they can surely think of a storyline for him....like what he will do now that he is a? Well we don't know yet, since who is his father?!!! They will need to bring in another female actress for him! Cause obviously Ava and Leisel are out lol! And it appears Nina is really out too.
  8. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    Wow that seems like a lot of actors let go all at once! Did Days hire new actors to play new parts? What is gong on?? I liked the old Nina and Valentin together so I will be ok if they pair the new Nina with Jax. Let's see how this plays out..but now who will be with Valentin? Hmmm. As far as weather it was pretty cold today, but will be normal winter temps on Monday. Our snow doesn't really start to melt till April and then we get spring temps, pussywillows start budding on trees and winter is over. Sometimes though we get a freak winter snow storm late but it usually melts fast. Studs need to be off the tires by May 1st. Hope you have a good Valentine's Day!
  9. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    Yeah when I first saw Emma and heard her speak in her lower voice, it took me a few minutes to register that it was really her! She like aged 5 years! How fast they grow. I mean the whole Anna and Finn thing, really Anna and anyone right now is going to have their relationship tested with her because she wants to protect her son Peter at like any and all costs. And while I get that, he is also a not so good guy after all it seems.....so I don't know. She is in a tough spot. and I felt awful for Valentin. So while he and Peter both have bad sides, Valentin is also really endearing in some ways and he is really good about making you feel badly for him. and Peter not so much lol.
  10. Actor Orson Bean

    Yeah I read the same thing. Tragic!
  11. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    Ha! They are very easy to get hooked into...that's for dang sure. I started watching Y&R pretty late. Now I need to watch some episodes of those early years! Psycho Victor sounds pretty cool. Love the evil guys lol!
  12. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    I know right? 40 years! What an accomplishment and hopefully Eric will continue to be on Y&R for many years to come..here is another pic from that celebration.
  13. Travelling thread

    Awww, that's so nice of you to cheer for them, they need it!
  14. Travelling thread

    I am and have never been. It's sad!!! I need to go to Florida one day...and no, I am an Alaskan. As far opposite a Floridian as you can get! My brother who also lives up here in AK is a huge fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We are just suckers for losing sports teams lol.
  15. Travelling thread

    Another vote for San Diego....going this summer for a few days. Cant wait. And yeah NYC is great fun too!
  16. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    Yeah we have had a wild wacky 24 hours of weather....super super gusty winds, hail, blizzard etc. Its calmed down finally. And of course I needed to get groceries today. My little Subaru was shaking cause of the wind! Maurice was there too! Its nice seeing GH actors supporting their fellow Y&R actors. Love it. They were celebrating Eric aka Victor Newmans 40th year. Wow!
  17. GNR WOMEN'S CHAT 2020 *NEW*

    OH no he did not! How dare he say such vile words!
  18. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    Hmmm I may have to buy his book based on these glowing recommendations!
  19. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    Did you hear Helena is coming back? Probably just for a few episodes but I am excited- love her! Yeah my cousin in TX got hit with the snow...he posted a little vid of it. Trump has done some good things....our gas prices have been low the whole time he has been in office. That for me is a huge plus.