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  1. Yes, it was recorded earlier. MTV had a tradition for awhile in the 90’s showing big name interviews before the VMAs. Smashing Pumpkins did one at the height of their popularity talking about firing their drummer for drugs.
  2. The Axl interview was aired right before the VMAs but it wasn’t presented as being a live interview.
  3. Yes, it came on right before the VMAs in 1990 and it was the first time the public was told Steven was fired. MTV News has stated a month or so before that he had quit the band.
  4. Ruining his reputation? You mean from talking about the autobiography he wrote that people bought from Amazon before it was yanked?
  5. Ok, I believed the guys in Leaving Neverland but everyone is entitled to their opinion. A few things are possible: 1. Someone may not have the best timeline of events on things that happened as children. 2. Someone may lie under oath and it doesn’t mean they’re lying later. 3. Someone may be trying to get money out of a situation and they were abused. Those things are not mutually exclusive.
  6. Did no one watch Leaving Neverland?
  7. You mean the trial in 2005? The one AFTER the 93 allegations where he was strip searched by police and his reputation was basically ruined? Then he kept hanging out with children until he was accused again? Are you referring to the 4 years between 2005 and 2009 until he was killed with drugs because he literally couldn’t sleep at night?
  8. Yes, Slash played on MJ’s History album which came out in 1995, several years after the first official allegations. He had also played on the 91 Dangerous album. So what’s plausible is that Axl had issues with Slash continuing to work with MJ.
  9. I don’t have sleepovers with children so I’m guessing I’ll be fine.
  10. Ok, you guys are right. OJ was innocent too.
  11. No. Michael Jackson molested loads of kids and he was a fucking nutjob to boot.
  12. Michael Jackson molested multiple children. We don’t need the court cases to turn out any way to know that.
  13. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    This. In the end, Team Brazil talked more sense into Axl than any other manager.
  14. On the one hand, I find it unbelievable that Doug doesn’t remember exactly where/when this happened. On the other, Axl may have been firing off more bullshit demands and contracts at this point that no one could keep up with.
  15. Doug Goldstein talked about Slash and Duff signing over the name in an interview from a few years back. He confirmed that this went down in Barcelona 1993 when he was back in the states for some family obligation.
  16. Have you ever read The Dirt? That book was shocking because they would tell these insane stories in a nonchalant way like it was a typical Tuesday. I feel like all these rock and roll books have copied that writing pattern since. Some of that doesn’t hold up as well in 2020 though.
  17. Amazon had it on sale for Kindle for about a day on original release date in April. Then it got pulled for reasons unknown
  18. I’m wondering if the book will eventually come out heavily rewritten. The early reviews on these forums haven’t been glowing. Not great press when people say “ this book made me dislike this person” about an autobiography.
  19. No, book release has been pulled altogether. People on the forum have read leaks from where Amazon mistakenly had it on sale for about a day on the original release date.
  20. I just thought that Matt let his feelings about the NITL tour color the way he talked about Slash and Duff throughout the book and that is shortsighted. A comprehensive autobiography should reflect more about your feelings at the time of these events. Matt owes a lot of his career from 1990 onwards to those guys and their songs.
  21. I got the impression from the book that there was some money issue surrounding the Live Era credit and not just the way it was listed on liner notes. Matt worded it as “being screwed out of his royalty” on the album. At that point, he was still paying back the monthly advance he’d gotten from 94-97 and that was being credited against UYI royalties.
  22. I’d be interested to read that too. Slash denied the whole story at first but backtracked eventually. Scott and Matt bashed Axl in the press while sticking up for Slash. I would think they eventually realized the story was probably true. Maybe Matt didn’t want to highlight that Slash “hates” him.
  23. I forgot about his take on Coma and Locomotive. This should give people some idea of how this book goes. He’s disparaging songs other people wrote on the only real successful record (UIY) that he played on.
  24. Duff has stated in past interviews prior to NITL that the band had run out of juice creatively by about 94. Axl tried to reignite that with different members to mixed results. People still continue to have high expectations though. I’m a big Pearl Jam fan too and the fan message boards complain about their albums being subpar to previous work for years now. Pick your poison I guess....
  25. It wasn’t so much that Slash “screwed” him out of the writing credit. Matt was supposed to get a certain percentage point on the publishing. It was agreed to and Axl was on board. Slash came in the studio one day and casually told Matt it would be half of what was previously agreed to. It was implied that Slash had called foul on the deal. In the book, Matt says something like “that’s when I realized it wasn’t necessarily Axl I had to look out for when it came to business.” I’m assuming you meant Matt unless Jim is some other story I missed