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  1. Riad doesn't have generic lyrics and has better guitar work with more polished sound. Scrapped is just sounds stupid with the intro and the lyrics are at a Nickelback level. With all the glitches in the song that made the album, you can tell it wasn't finished and was the last minute add in to replace Atlas. To me that is the reason why I think it is the worst song on CD. If it was played on the album like it was live, it would have been better. Better would have been better if it is played like it currently is live.
  2. For those who said Riad for CD, listen to the opening to Scraped and for the full song with audio glitches.
  3. Tommy has some dependency on alcohol. It can change people. I would have to imagine that if Bumblefoot pulled a knife it was purely out of self protection. I think we all have witnessed individuals who go too far with the alcohol consumption.
  4. Actually it is promoting stigma when there is a whole group of people talking negatively about it and the individual that may or not have a disorder. Yes I know it was removed. As far as wearing a mask it could also be social anxiety or general anxiety disorder.
  5. Could be Autism Spectrum Disorder or Bipolar (Manic Depressive Disorder). Even Borderline Personality Disorder to a lesser degree or dual diagnosis. Fact is that none of us know and promoting stigma is one of the worst things. I know that Aspergers was supposedly to be removed from the Austism Spectrum become it's own category. He has displayed the characteristics publicly. However we don't know the honestly of those characteristics. How much is real and how much maybe an act? Once again this is an opinion and not a diagnosis by a professional. If a professional that has seen him would come on and tell us, it would be a violation of HIPAA.
  6. You are probably thinking about the outed term Autistism Spectrum. Just a reminder that none of us are in a position to label or make judgement. Just going off what we know, maybe something similar to Asperger Syndrome. Remember our personal opinion is not a professional opinion by a medical professional in the mental health field.
  7. Great players but a lot of personal issues that affected how they interacted with each other in a negative manner.
  8. Yeah it would be more likely to go straight to VHS. You know that someone will rip the audio and make some adjustments and call it a leak.
  9. Maybe it was BBF being kind instead being obscene when he left and still being tongue and cheek Telling Axl to go get a Brazilian....
  10. 2006

    This is my opinion: They played like a band back then. The label still was trying to force a reunion and refusing to release Chinese Democracy. I would assume that this left a bad taste in Robins mouth as he wanted to be productive. With Finck being gone they needed a replacement when the label finally released it. The replacement was a worse player and a cheap showman gimmick known as DJ ASSBA. I really don't think Ron liked him nor anyone in the band the way it seemed. Thus it became something that most of the members didn't want to be a part of. Then Tommy left and Duff came in per his suggestion. It seemed like the band performed better when he joined them. Ron knew that GNR wasn't his style and his work would have overshadowed Slash performance wise while on stage and had too much respect for Slash to do that to him. Axl probably axed Assba as he didn't need someone cheaply impersonating Slash while Slash was on stage due to his skills (not showmanship). Slash and Duff probably asked what was Pitman actually doing while touring. Axl probably didn't have any response as Pitman was doing little to nothing on stage. Slash and Duff probably recommended that they knew Melissa and she could do Pitman's parts and to the sound fill in with her synth that the third guitarist used to do.
  11. It said that they were playing the Civics Center, so it can be assumed it was ACDC.....
  12. I don't know, i think it is missing a huge basket.
  13. Yes Slash and Duff playing Chinese Democracy songs, gives hope because they made alterations to the songs that made them sound better live. Imagine what they could do with the unreleased songs of Axl's and Axl's vocals on Sash and Duff's unreleased songs.
  14. He didn't say Guns N Roses. BTW it was a script that he was reading. He said that his band couldn't make it because their tour bus got crushed by a giant flying pig that landed on it. Porky then looked nervous. So yeah it was written for the show. It was not like a live interview and you have to take it in context of it being a kids cartoon.
  15. Should be the same on a phone.