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  1. The shocking song for the next tour has been revealed too early... Jimmy Crack Corn and I don't care...
  2. Just as likely as them re-recording Better in a similar style of the current live version.
  3. Because they focus on Sarah Connor (Which the original two movies did) and two lesser females instead of a pure John Connor movie/
  4. Probably some original material. One new song gets played in the fall at the most because they are not going to Chinese Democracy it.
  5. If that happened, the reunion would be over. I think they are now playing a game of tease.
  6. Like I said is that they translated the answer badly from English to Spanish then it is translated badly from Spanish back to English. It is like translating "Those are hot pants." Then the bad translated version reads "Those pants are on fire." Then badly translated back to the original language version "Redheaded step child in ass-less chaps."
  7. It looks like a really bad translation to Spanish from English and from Spanish to English. It could have been originally said: I didn't think it would happen and its finally starting to...
  8. So he was at Axl's recording or is it that he will be at Axl's recording?
  9. Yes he did. They are dumping all the trash movies and this is actually Terminator 3 a direct sequel to T2. Yeah there already was a T3 but they are ignoring it.
  10. Maybe they will re-record Rock The Rock properly...
  11. Well Fortus stated that he did most of his work on the follow up the Chinese Democracy. The label refused it like they did Chinese Democracy in hopes for a reunion which happened.
  12. So there was supposed to be Chinese Democracy 2 (Which Fortus did a lot of work on) but the label refused to hear it after the fail of Chinese Democracy commercially. So yeah they could re-record those songs and have Axl sing on one or two of Slash and Duffs and there is a record.
  13. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    Chinese Democracy is their second best album (all songs) and AFD is number 1. The other albums had their singles (which were bigger than any one song on Chinese Democracy) and strong points but were weaker with all the songs.
  14. He cut his hair and spiked it then...
  15. Fortus did a lot of session work for Chinese Democracy and a lot of session work after Chinese Democracy for Guns N' Roses. He probably played on most tracks that have yet to be released already except probably anything from Slash / Duff.