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  1. My kids have no clue who Axl Rose is and don't care. I also mentioned that Tiger Woods had a car crash today and they replied with "Who?". Axl and Tiger have something in common. My kids don't care who they are and both can be referred to when it comes to massively successful then ultimately years down the line.. car crash career decisions. (bad joke i get it..) I'm still a huge fan of Axl and GNR. Not so much Tiger but I don't like golf in general. I also find it quite ironic that in the Scooby clip he uses my moniker on here Route 66
  2. Axl is more or less always the joker
  3. It was 2008. He stated back then he was sober but he definitely was not. I can't really comment on that except to say the "camp" is full of wonderful people.
  4. I've met them all and pleased to call some long distance friends. No Names. I'll focus on Axl. He is amazing, very funny, lots of stories, loves a few beers.. inspiring others even just with his demeanor. It's clear that he leads this band and staff. Overall nice dude and the bad press he gets is absolute shite. Slash was high. Still cool. We talked guitars. Also talked guitars and amps with Fortus who is a very nice dude. Duff is a leader. Cool AF and in control of his shit. I could talk about other members but can't be arsed at the moment. Ping me questions if you want
  5. No they shouldn't and won't. Great, in fact excellent drummer. Met him a few times and he's great with fans. Not a band member I could trust to have my back. Had a responsibility to people who like rock star singers. Sometimes those guys need a shoulder.
  6. Yep it's time. It's a career for these guys now. It's not a gang. It's a big ca$h machine. No one has even given a meaningful interview in what feels like centuries. I enjoyed the NITL tour but that was it for me and i have been a fan since the 80s. I got to meet the whole band and chat and will I always have my ear in the right circles for something new but the real truth here is there isn't anything ready any time soon. Some demos, some collaboration. Most will never see the light of day.
  7. I'll yoga my ass into being able to give myself a BJ before we see a complete new GNR album. I do hope i'm wrong... because i can't do yoga
  8. just noticed it's not sold yet.. surprised? nope.
  9. I like Vinyl a lot. I love GNR. Will i buy this? Probably not, and i love my GNR collection. All hope is not lost... but it kinda feels that way.
  10. Most Naive post ever? Axl never does anything without a reason.
  11. Solo album on the way.. OR he just wants to maximize his income from a new GNR album/videos/singles. Smart move imo.
  12. There won't be a new GNR album with new material any time soon. Mainly as i remember Axl's own words
  13. For that next stimulus check if anyone is interested... https://www.ebay.com/itm/SLASH-Guitar-Case-GUNS-N-ROSES-GUITAR-VAULT-VERY-RARE-Road-Case-Stage-Used-Axl/254624477469?hash=item3b48cd311d:g:b1sAAOSwc59eyYqs I like GNR but i can think of other ways i need to spend $7.5k!
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