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  1. I hope my indoor show is rescheduled. I want to take my kids to their first show but my youngest is too young for vaccine. Oh and people not getting the vaccine are cunts and ruining everything for other people that have the balls to fight this virus. Get your fucking selves vaxed and shut up. Karma is gonna get you if you do not and i'm pretty much ok with that you fucking apes.
  2. Great song. Catchy as fuck. Silkworms was always a fav of mine from the leaks. Pittman knew it also lol I much prefer this version
  3. I agree. It's not a strategy, GNR are different from other bands and the mystery is what keeps people like us looking up forums etc. It's just who Axl is. It's the same magnetic personality that he was back then. Nothing has changed imo except that the guys came back to GNR and agree with his way forward.
  4. Actually this forum and others proves my point. It's not a bad thing. It's an underground movement.. well actually an internet movement. Rumors and stories sell tickets just like it did in the 80's I don't think it's productive to insult the people running the band tho. Everyone makes mistakes. Would rather people close to Axl than the money guzzling whores from major record labels. Maybe should change the title of this thread to something less aggressive.. funny as people think it is.. (i laughed) it could be much worse. We might never of seen any kind of reunion with Axl and Slash. Oh and Brando's podcasts are cool.
  5. Agreed. It was worn out. But these days it's still entirely relevant to a band that can sell out stadiums based off their first album. Just check the set list.
  6. I bought tickets but due to the upturn in Delta and having young kids.. i can't risk it. Get vaxed people, please.
  7. Really wanna go see the GNR guys again but i can't.. thanks to the Anti Vax brigade. I have young kids. I can't risk them for Trump supporting fuckwits with their desperate wank stains on the Trump flags. Those people that won't get vaxed seem to enjoy sitting in their caves, getting fucked up and being totally unproductive and anti-life. All i can say is enjoy the bats in your caves! I guess they taste good.
  8. The great thing about GNR is the mystery. Inner circle and privacy is a huge part of the enigma of this rock band. It's not a good idea to fuck with that, why? because it's been successful. It's tried and tested. Fans are rabid for more for this reason. I don't understand people that can't figure that out. The press and people don't know the real Axl. The press promote them by simply being shut out from the real and relying on BS stories. PR is genius when you are not paying for it. Any PR is good PR.
  9. My kids have no clue who Axl Rose is and don't care. I also mentioned that Tiger Woods had a car crash today and they replied with "Who?". Axl and Tiger have something in common. My kids don't care who they are and both can be referred to when it comes to massively successful then ultimately years down the line.. car crash career decisions. (bad joke i get it..) I'm still a huge fan of Axl and GNR. Not so much Tiger but I don't like golf in general. I also find it quite ironic that in the Scooby clip he uses my moniker on here Route 66
  10. Axl is more or less always the joker
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