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  1. He was referring to the largest crowd in Venezuela, I'm sure it was back then. They didn't have a big enough stadium and had to play in an arena's parking lot. From what I remember it was roughly 25000 people, one of the pictures that were lost was a picture of the audience, it was insane. Probably some point after '92 there were bigger shows there.
  2. Nop, I didn't save those, I was too young to know lol.
  3. Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CCLfhSxAO5Z/ After all these years I decided to publish these pictures that I've had since '92. My dad owns a photo studio and most newspapers used to develop their films there. Back in 1992 the music photographer for the local newspaper shot GNR and took about 3 films, over 100 pictures of the show, all in B&W. My dad asked the photographer if he could give me some shots and he said he only needed one pic for the story and let my dad keep the films. I kept these three shots, plus the ones from Slash, Matt, Gilby, and Duff that you can see on GNROnT
  4. wow! Didn't know this board was full of Simon Cowell.
  5. Ahh crap, some wind today by my house. I hope GNR respects my privacy at this time and doesn't release anything while I rebuild.
  6. Long shot, but a live show on video. Not sure why AFD boxset didn't include any videos. Example: Warm up show Inglewood '91 (longest show of the tour) Caracas '92 Munich '93
  7. Not that I don't believe Matt (actually my favorite drummer), but the book seems all over the place, he tells the story of quitting Guns in '97 and throws this in the middle of a paragraph "Not too long ago, I spoke to Slash about this period. I asked him how he felt about working with Axl today, and he replied, “It’s just a gig.” "
  8. I don't subscribe, but I'm not finding anything regarding Melissa and Rolling Stone
  9. From the fernando audio, he said that they only have 2 shots recorded for every show iirc, one is the wide shot angle and one shot close to the stage, so they probably don't have tons of footage to use. I always thought that what was shown on the video screens were recorded but I guess i was wrong
  10. Today I learned: this incarnation of GNR needs Matt Sorum
  11. Fernando said they tape all shows with a wideshot cam and one stage cam iirc.
  12. I've done my peace with the fact that I will see everything that I've ever wanted to see and hear after Axl passes away, unfortunately.
  13. I think Fernando saying that Covid prevented them from new music is because they wanted to tie it to the tour. Probably they were going to release Hardschool as a single at least. But man, if this was true, the GNR fanbase is the fanbase with the worst luck in the history of music. They've had 12 years of opportunities to release new music, four years since the reunion and JUST when they're about to release new music covid hits.
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