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  1. Your whole conception of how radio and record companies work is ass backwards.

    As much as record companies try, the audience is the one ultimately deciding what it wants to listen too.

    There are a billion artists who were pushed to the moon but you never heard of them. Why? Because the audience didn't like them and they were dropped.

    As young gun stated, radio is run on advertising. People tune in to listen to songs/shows they like. Radio's playlist is more influenced by the audience's taste than the other way around.

    i wish I could believe you lol.

    Well I work in the industry for quite some time now.

    Audiences decide the flavor of the season, not the other way around. There is no big conspiracy against Axl not to play Better. The single flopped because people today are not fond of the genre and particulary Axl's niche in it, not to mention Better is far from single material.

    See, you fully expose yourself there. Because name one single GNR put out that was "single" material?! Jungle? No. It had to be "pushed" by top record executive David Geffen onto MTV. 9 minute November Rain? You Could Be Mine? Not really typical singles. The fact is the record industry was behind GNR then, thus the songs played and played until the moronic pop buying public bought the singles/albums because they were brainwashed with the songs.

    If Big Brother Clear Channel wanted democracy and Better to succeed, they would have played it and force fed it to everyone, just like they do the poppy bullshit featured on today's VMAs.

    And we waited all this time to watch this crap live footage?!?

    I was hopping for a superproduction of millions, a epic video in the style of NR or Estranged and then, after all the buzz, all you get is crappy live footage... well, at least it fits the song...

    Hey, stupid fuck. The synopsis for the video was laid out for us a long time ago. Axl also clearly stated he hated all the old epic videos.

    So you didn't get what you wanted huh? Awwwwwwwww. Good. I hope this extreme disappointment forces you to swear off GNR and all related message boards. Bye sub intelligent cupcake.

    LOOOL... shut up kid, take your head out of Axl's ass and sense the reality.

    What a crap of video. I want the 6min of my lifetime I spent watching that crap back!

    No wonder why it was never released; it sure is better that no-one sees that crap.

  2. http://www.moshcam.com/slash-featuring-myles-kennedy-and-the-conspirators/sydney-entertainment-centre-1375.aspx

    August 25th, Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia


    Nightrain (Guns N' Roses)


    Standing in the Sun

    Back From Cali

    My Michelle (Guns N' Roses)

    Beggars & Hangers-On (Slash's Snakepit)

    Not for Me

    Rocket Queen (Guns N' Roses)

    Doctor Alibi (Todd Kerns on lead vocals)

    Out Ta Get Me (Guns N' Roses, Todd Kerns on lead vocals)

    No More Heroes


    Crazy Life

    Guitar Solo / Godfather Theme


    Sweet Child O' Mine (Guns N' Roses)

    You're a Lie

    Slither (Velvet Revolver)

    Fall to Pieces (Velvet Revolver)

    Paradise City (Guns N' Roses)


  3. Dj Ashba is just a Slash fan really.

    He even installed the same pickups as Slash always used and done himself a top hat so that people could confuse him with Slash. Even if it might trick the most distracted fan, after you hear 3 notes you instantly notice that it ain't no Slash. Credits to Dj, he does makes is best to copy Slash's style.

    The origina:


    And here's the epic fail copy:


    I got a chance to see this cover band recently. They do have a big/confusing sound with so many musicians onstage. However they do not sound like GN'R.

    I also saw Slash about 3 months ago and his band did had that GN'R vibe with him, including the sound. Sometimes the less the better.

    Fortunatelly for Dj and for del james and for jarmo and for all the other bitches following Axl, Slash did left many great material for them to cover now. If they would only relly on CD stuff they would be playing empty bars and del james, jarmo and the other backup faggs would have to look for a job instead of being parasites travelling around.

  4. from Del James' facebook


    That sign is ridiculous. I'm a little surprised Del would purposely court controversy like this.

    I agree that GNR management celebrating that sign is in poor taste

    Dj who? :lol:

    Funny how Axl keeps surrounding himself with his bitches like del and jarmo and other faggs. This tells a lot about who Axl is. I don't see Slash travelling around with anyone else than his band mates, wifes and kids. Axl prefers to keep these fags around him for really no reason :unsure:

  5. What a disapointement... I was hopping on a instructional video for CD, like "Learn to play the souless and freakish rock solos around as played in Chinese Democray" :rofl-lol:

    I guess nobody wants to learn them :rolleyes:

    how aout a video for poeple whose lives are so vapid, they find the need to post endlessly on forums just to try to upset people who are generally happy, then get more belligerant when they realize not everyone is so unhappy, and dont share in their butt-hurt misery?

    bet you got that one in letter box, dont you sour ass.

    Uh, the baby's crying, lol

    I'm love when dumbasses like you takethings personal, someone talks about music and the dumbasses take it as a persona ofense so they start fantasising, very amusing and a little retared as well.

    Well, you don't know me, you don't know my life, all you know is that nobody seems to be interested in doing instructional guitar videos about the freakish/sonically mediocre guitar works in Chinese Democracy.

    Now go cry elsewhere :P

  6. Jason Becker is my all time favorite guitar player, among with Slash, Brian May and Gary Moore.

    A trully sad story what happened to Jason, with 16 years playing in Cacophony he was technically already better than any Buckethead will haver be; plus he had feeling and simply could do anything on the guitar.

    Lee Firkins rocks as well, very good technically, and if it's true that the reason why he wasn't picked up was due to using the whammy bar intensivelly than that's the dumbest reason I'v ever heard. Well, nothing you wouldn't except from someone who basically could choose any guitar player in the world and ended up choosing a guy that's more famous for using a KFC on his head than actually to have written any piece of memorable music, just a complete trash.

    Oh well...

  7. Every story has 3 sides: yours, mine and the truth.

    Axl's arguments and side of the story is as valid as Slash's, Duff's or Izzy's. The thing is, all Slash, Duff and Izzy point their finger at Axl.

    Btw, it's great to have Axl here "talking" with us but... don't you think he had this answer all written up when he did the post asking for your questions regarding the GN'R name? Do you honestly believe he read your questions and then wrote all that?

    Well, to me, this Axl reply was already writen and approved by his lawers long ago... don't let yourself be manipulated, allways look above what people are telling you.

    Why wait 12 years to say all these things? And why now that CD seems to be failling the sales expectation, although it's a good album? Is this some kind of a revegenge?

    I'm not an Axl hater, I just don't buy all this crap. If he intended to have a contract with the rights of the name back in the early 90s was because he was already a control freak and with pappers signed he could force everybody else to do as he pleased, that's the truth if you ask me.

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