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  1. Sounds great and very valuable/colectable!

    I know about Cameron amps, Metro, Fortin, Friedman,... all these moders and builders (who base most of their models on plexi's and 800's anyway); I also check the amp fest videos regularly, it's nice to hear how all these amps sound compared!

    I'm a Marshall guy, that classic Marshall tone is everything to me and I'm not very picky, any DSL/TSL/800/Plexi/VM will do it for me!

    The dude plays Thin Lizzy's Cold Sweat on the video you posted, a great tune with a great solo by John Sykes!

    Doug Aldrich loves the Vintage Modern too:

    Doug could make even a toaster sound great.

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  2. The 800 are very expensive new (reissue) here in Europe and old/original with vertical inputs are rare and expensive as well, you only find them at Ebay rsiking buying from other countries.

    What amps do you own currently?

    Amplitube is ok to record quickly some demos; sometimes I spend several weeks just trying to get a good recorded sound out of my amps, with Amplitube it's instant and the sound is ok (my demo Deception was all done with it) but it does lacks some frequencies.

  3. Let us hear your band!

    You should invest in an usb audio interface where you can connect your guitar directly to use with software like Amplitube or a mic to do your real amp recordings - they're pretty cheap and you can get real good results!

    To bad you let the 800 go; the JCM/JMP 2204/2204 and a Plexi 1987/1959 are such stapples in rock history and sound, one day I'll add them to my collection...

  4. Omar, I've been quite busy at work during week so no much time to play guitar and enjoy the VM.

    On weekends I'm trying to start the writing/recording of a new song (I always do the writting while recording certain parts I already have in my head); I'm yet to check how the amp sounds recorded because I've got some amps that sound great live but record pretty bad with my setup (Shure SM57 only) and I've got other amps that record really easy.

    Live in the room the VM is pretty much the best sounding amp I have, on pair with the Silver Jubilee 2555; actually they both sound a lot like each other with the VM having a fuller sound spectrum (more "meat") and the 2555 having a more distinct/recognizable voicing!

    On my next hit ( :lol:) I'll sure use the VM as much as possible!

    And you Omar, when will we enjoy your songs??

  5. Don't worry, things don't go as planned everytime.

    Sometimes gigs go greeat, other times you just wish that it ends as fast as possible.

    I've been through that - soundchecking everything well and when it comes to the gig you can't even hear yourself because the soundboard technician changed everything and get's you pissed off, wanting real badly to play a tune and having your lead singer tell you to skip it because he's voice is gone or he's not feeling it or braking string by string along the gig... well, that's what happens when you're not in a professional band and have +180 roadies working for you like GN'R had on the UYI tour :lol:

    But don't worry, on the times when it's great it makes it worth for all the other times where it wasn't as good!

    Btw, any average singer who knows his voice will have a setlist that suits him - songs not to hard on the begining neither on the end; it's not wise to leave Sweet Child O'Mine for the end of the set if you're not Axl Rose...

  6. Bending the neck is the best way to break it overtime.

    It has happened to Slash sometimes and he even cut himself. His famous main Les Paul Standard cherry sunburst that he used live for most of the 90s and 2000s (and that even Gibson replicated with a VOS model) was broken and glued on; what a shame. But he can get away with it because he doesn't has to worry about guitars, they're free.

    When I don't have a whammy bar I just detune the low string on it's tuning machine head and then retune it while it's still ringing - you get the same effect, sounds good and you don't ruin your guitar.

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