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  1. how aout a video for poeple whose lives are so vapid, they find the need to post endlessly on forums just to try to upset people who are generally happy, then get more belligerant when they realize not everyone is so unhappy, and dont share in their butt-hurt misery? bet you got that one in letter box, dont you sour ass. Uh, the baby's crying, lol I'm love when dumbasses like you takethings personal, someone talks about music and the dumbasses take it as a persona ofense so they start fantasising, very amusing and a little retared as well. Well, you don't know me, you don't know my life, all
  2. What a disapointement... I was hopping on a instructional video for CD, like "Learn to play the souless and freakish rock solos around as played in Chinese Democray" I guess nobody wants to learn them
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