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  1. A new album. And then? A new album. (Any chinese era unheard song with vocals too)
  2. Îm not sure if big wreck quit for the entire tour though
  3. I wanted sooo much to see that tour in laval. Guess we'll have to wait And big wreck seem to have quit the tour
  4. Hi everyone! Some time ago I decided to record an acoustic version of this song I really like. What I did is record every part of it (guitar and orchestra) with an acoustic guitar. I added a shaker, my voice and a bass guitar. Hope you all enjoy! https://youtu.be/wJfEVa6fnJ0
  5. Hey guys! Been a while! we've been recording a covid-video for you could be mine! have fun
  6. Soooo 3 songs.. while metallica gives us full show every week with personal message? Better than nothing i guess. I just want a new song in the end
  7. That was 4 years ago and never was the same after acdc. Even the 2nd acdc tour was harder for him to sing. add to this that most gnr songs are lower to sing than acdc songs. With gnr, to sound good, he must have that strong mix voice (mix of mid chest and head voice that create that distinctive sound) and a little rasp (at least). He needs that mix voice to not be weak on songs that are lower (not pure chest voice like browntone.. more for you could, sweet child verses and lower chorus) what bugs me is that his zone of high voice confort seemed to reduce a lot after acdc, and year
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