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  1. I would add, leave every chinese lead to fortus! Please!
  2. Is it me or rasp is a lot more frequent tonight?
  3. I like it! But I don't get why (live n studio) they tend to put slash soooo much ahead of rythm guitar. To the point where you can't hear fortus most of the times. The verses are weaker that way!
  4. Hi guys! we just released a perfect crime cover! hope you enjoy! https://youtu.be/4klrDf5D1eA
  5. A new album. And then? A new album. (Any chinese era unheard song with vocals too)
  6. Îm not sure if big wreck quit for the entire tour though
  7. I wanted sooo much to see that tour in laval. Guess we'll have to wait And big wreck seem to have quit the tour
  8. Hi everyone! Some time ago I decided to record an acoustic version of this song I really like. What I did is record every part of it (guitar and orchestra) with an acoustic guitar. I added a shaker, my voice and a bass guitar. Hope you all enjoy! https://youtu.be/wJfEVa6fnJ0
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