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  1. We'll probably get the album in a year or so, 2 years tops I think. My only hope is that "The General" is on there, that's all that matters to me at this point. State of Grace HAS to be on the album too, I love this song. Everything seems to indicate the tracklist of the next album will be songs from the Chinese Democracy vault. I hope there'll be a deluxe edition with a second disc, with the original instrumental for the songs. This current situation reminds me a lot of what happened with Bumblefoot & Ashba. They didn't get to create anything with Axl for years. Both Ashba & Bumblefoot made remixes of existing songs, just like Slash has reworked Hard School & Absurd. At least, they finally released those songs officially. And now Slash is releasing, yet again, his own stuff, just like Ashba & Bumblefoot had their own stuff too. None of these artists can cope with Axl's timing, it's a mutual problem. I feel Axl needs you to commit 100% to the project, otherwise everything takes forever. Nobody's really at fault here, they are just different people, struggling to really meet each other & create. It happens.
  2. It's an absolute disaster, as I knew it would be. One of Axl's worst performances ever, if not the worst. It sounds like this parody channel, like I wasn't sure if the youtube video I was watching was the real thing or a fake. Kudos to Axl for trying, we'll see if he dares trying this and singing like this every night, if he'll improve, or if he'll stop trying.
  3. It's not bad, come on... It could've been better, is all... But I went running and listened with my headphones, it was better for some reason. Love the rythm and Slash's work.
  4. I doubt it's Dizzy, Melissa is the one constantly using organs for whatever... I remember noticing this when seeing Guns in 2018, on Sweet Child, Melissa butchers the song with unecessary organs.
  5. My impressions on this new Hard Skool: -I can't help but noticing Melissa's touch, she's using the synth (sounds like organ), I don't like it. -Axl's vocals are buried way too much in the mix. That and the echo on his voice in some parts is plain weird. It's as if they're ashamed of the lead singer, I don't get it. I dislike the way Axl's vocals were used, and it's disappointing Axl didn't feel confident to re-record this. I understand why I guess... it's a shame Axl didn't use his wonderful voice more when he had it. -Love Duff's little intro, it's simple, but imo it fits better than the leak's intro -The new tempo is better -I absolutely love Slash's solo on this, there's a little "Dream Theater's Octavarium" vibe. Slash made the song catchier & more fun. Stiiiill... I miss Buckethead's part at the end of the song. But overall, it feels weird. It doesn't feel sincere because of the way Axl's vocals are used in this & mixed. It definitely feels Frankenstein, more so than any track from Chinese Democracy (even the unfinished leaks). Doesn't feel organic. Slash's work makes up for it but it doesn't completely click. The mix should be cleaner and get rid of Melissa, really. And obviously use Axl's vocals properly. I also feel the original melody in the leak fit Axl's voice better, but it may be because of the mix, or because I'm used to the leak more. However the leak felt like a song from the 2000's, and this feels like it's from the early 90's. I like both. I just feel it should have been mixed way better than this, there's potential with this song. Anyway, I'm still gonna enjoy it, since we won't get this live, or barely : p P.S. : I like the locker's design, but it should have been done better, it looks amateur.
  6. I can almost predict the future, kool. Axl will barely try this live, I stand by what I said hehe. Nice the song was finally released, very... kool.
  7. You had to play it kool no hard skool 4 u
  8. Axl always has unreleased songs with him and if he enjoys your company, he may make you listen to some stuff. You don't have to be a woman necessarily. In some very rare cases, he can even give you some songs on mp3. I know it sounds crazy but it's true. He's a very generous man. I don't doubt this girl's story one bit, typical Axl hehe
  9. I'm not a Judas Priest expert, but I don't think we can compare Axl to any other singer. A lot of Guns songs are impossible to sing. Only Axl can sing them. But I too always think of Steven Tyler and wish Axl was still rocking Guns like Steven rocks Aerosmith. I guess it's just not the same exact style & voice (without trying to make excuses for Axl). I had a band over 10 years ago, we had a lot of auditions. I'll always remember that guy who told me it was easy to imitate Axl's voice, that Axl wasn't a real singer and he was, that he just had to force his voice... The audition with him was a complete disaster. He could sing a lot of stuff (from other bands, and did a great job at it), but not Nightrain for example. It was terrible. Needless to say we didn't hire him. We went for a girl, because only women can somehow do an "okay" rendition of some Guns songs. It's not genius, I hate that we had to lower our exceptations and hire a girl, but that's the only way really. I've heard some guys cover Guns on YouTube, it's never amazing. Girls do a better job at it, but even then, I don't like it. I think Axl's voice is mostly shot, or he would have at least redone the vocals for Silkworms/Absurd. And judging from the recent shows... he clearly can't sing the higher parts. He still does a great job on Chinese Democracy (the song) and It's so easy, songs that only require a lower register. So he can still sing and have power in his voice, just not on the higher parts. I don't know if it's the lifestyle/training/rehearsing. Axl wasn't very fit in 2010 but he was much better than in 2006 where he was fitter. I guess it's just his vocal chords & aging and you can't do much about it. I would prefer Axl to be very fit, but I think it's pretty clear he doesn't train throughout the year :') He must train like a month or two before the beginning of a tour, then trains during the tour, but as soon as it's over he's enjoying life. That's his way of living, that's what works for him, and who knows, he may live for another 30 years and perform in a wheelchair with the worst performance ever of his career. And you'll look back at 2021 and realize it was great! Hahaha
  10. It's just my own speculation, could be complete BS. Axl has a history of being a perfectionist, and not promoting things properly hehe. TWAT was on Chinese Democracy, and it was arguably the best song from the album (and the hardest one to sing). I've seen Guns 4 times in 2010 in hopes of hearing TWAT live. Well guess what: they didn't play it. Why? Because Axl could barely handle it even then and didn't want to blow it up. He sung TWAT when he felt like it, and it was extremely rare. And back then, he was on FIRE. Sure, TWAT wasn't a single, but what's a single with Guns in the past 20 years really? The promotion has been a disaster. I've never heard a CD track ONCE on the radio in 13 years. Just because Guns releases a song or a full album with loads of songs doesn't guarantee every song will be played live. I don't know if Hard Skool will be considered as a single. Maybe Axl/Fernando will view this as another release to build-up the hype for the next album. I don't know if a full album is fully recorded & mixed already, but it looks like some songs are done & ready for release, including Absurd & Hard Skool. Probably Atlas too. Since Absurd has the exact same vocals as Silkworms, recorded 20 or over 20 years ago, I think it's safe to assume that all of the CDII songs will just be reworked by Slash (and maybe Duff) and re-use Axl's vocals from 20/over 20 years ago. This alone is a sign that Axl can't do better in a studio as of 2021. He can't beat his younger self, and doesn't look like he's willing to sing differently on the studio version. But he can still sing Absurd/Silkworms, in his own new way of doing it, it works, because this song isn't complicated/too demanding for him. I think he can still sing Atlas Shrugged as well. As for Hard Skool, I don't see Axl singing this now. It's extremely complicated to sing, like a lot of Guns songs. The thing is, it's not the same to promote a "new" song live, and singing a deep cut. When you sing a deep cut, the audience is just happy the song is back in the setlist and knows the song already and sings along with you. But if it's something they've never heard, you better not butcher your new material because no one else will sing along (except for die hard fans). That's why I think we haven't heard Hard Skool live yet. This song has been on the setlist for a while, the band rehearsed it several times so it's ready to be performed anytime, but Axl doesn't try it. Because he knows he can't do it justice. Maybe he'll try it at some point but get ready for a disaster & never hear it again live. I'm being pessimistic I know, but objectively, Axl's voice is shot. He can still perform great on some songs in low key, using his deeper voice, but whenever he has to sing higher & fast, it's very bad. I don't blame him, he's almost 60, he's been the most legendary frontman ever in my eyes, he has done absolutely amazing shows, and Guns material is incredibly hard to sing. He was already complaining of You could be mine back in the day :') Imagine what he's thinking now. I don't know whether Absurd & Hard Skool will be the biggest guns for the new album (if there's a new album). I think those songs are chosen because the vocals from 20 years ago exist, and it's probably faster to do things this way. Maybe Axl doesn't feel like doing new vocals right now, or maybe he just doesn't want to butcher his own work (from the CD vault). I just find it very tricky to bring those CD songs back because some of those songs will be impossible to sing live. I'd love to see State of Grace on the next album, but that song too has some very hard parts to sing. The easiest road would be to make whole new songs with this line-up, old school hard rock, easier to sing... And release a CDII boxset with all of the vault (including THE GENERAL, I want this), remixed properly, with the original players (Buckethead & so on). That way, it would be easier live for Axl, and we wouldn't be waiting for Axl to perform some CDII songs. At this point, I don't care much what happens. I don't care if Hard Skool is played live ever since I won't attend a new Guns show given Axl's voice, I prefer my memories to what's happening now (unless a miracle happens and Axl gets back to 2010 level, but I'm dreaming). I just hope the next song releases will be nice. And I wish the best to Axl, all the band, and the marketing department.
  11. Pretty confident they'll release Hard School soon, probably in October. October fits the vibe of the song. They'll release it with the same vocals from 20 years ago, like Absurd. And I doubt Axl will sing it much live,, it's clearly too hard to sing properly with his current level. It would be a terrible advertising to play this live & butcher it, it's not like trying deep cuts like Coma & Locomotive.
  12. Absurd is a very fitting title. Is there any other example of a song being officially released 20 years after it's been performed live? Of all songs they could've picked, they choose Silkworms to start the (maybe?) next album promotion. Almost everything is reworked, save Axl vocals that were done 20 years ago. It's absurd indeed, but what surprises me the most is Axl may still believe in this material. My only interest at this point is hearing The General. I have zero faith in this line-up doing justice to the vault, they just can't cover anything from Chinese properly (even Axl apparently since he doesn't even re-works his vocals for this studio version and I doubt Hard School will have a different treatment, I guess it's an admission he knows he lost part of his voice), but at least we may hear something "new" that we don't already have. I'm semi-curious of hearing the studio version of Hard School with Slash & Duff, but I already know it won't be as good as the original version. I think part of the problem is that Slash & Duff rework stuff, but Axl doesn't, and it's a very, very weird mix of old Guns & nuGuns. Axl's CD voice fitted the sound of the CD line-up, but with Slash & Duff, I expected Axl to rework his vocals and go for a more raspy approach (like the 2010 This I Love remix). Anyway, I don't care about Absurd, but it's encouraging in the sense a new album could be released soon. I just hope The General will be in there, with State of Grace, Zodiac and Soul Monster. And I hope we will get an alternate album with the original versions of those songs, I'd be much more interested in this than the cover version.
  13. Ashba did a fine job and was the exact person Axl needed at that time. I don't care what anyone says. He played his part perfectly, had to learn so many parts from so many songs from all albums (with very different styles) in an extremely short time because Robin had left. I saw him 5 times live with Guns, he played perfectly and really impressed me, he's very talented. People remember the times he fd up, which also happened to Slash, but when it's Slash, he gets a pass because he's Slash, same old story. He did have a great chemistry with Axl, and he must be the only guy from a former line-up who always had nice things to say about Axl. I don't recall him ever dissing Axl, unlike some other people (Pittman, Bumblefoot, Slash, Duff, Matt, Izzy, Steven...). He is a class act. Yeah I really have respect for this guy, along with Robin Finck, and Richard Fortus. When you have men like this who have a sense of respect, honor, do hard work without making dramas in a band if they have to leave or if it becomes too difficult or if you don't communicate everyday, it's extremely helpful. I totally understand Axl's pick. Now, of course Slash plays & sounds better on his own tracks, no question. But it's not like DJ sucks. I think he got more s**** for his style & Tim Burton's character look rather than anything else really. Also happened to play alongside Fortus & Bumblefoot who are insane guitar geniuses, doesn't compliment anyone who's not a guitar genius. But he does have great skills of his own.
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