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  1. From my experience i would avoid to do an (theoretical) unneeded first transfer from ~30 years old tapes before doing the best one. It could ruin the tapes during playback! I get the point from you though.....
  2. Don't trust so called "professional companies". They're doing it just for money, not for the love of the band. Hope this all will turn out as described! Peace out! Limulus
  3. You might have never been allowed to see it, so get over your strategical mastermind releasing theories. He is in fact releasing it NOW, enjoy!!
  4. Yup! Time is running out for our guys,, there always is the risk of them not being around for much longer. So get what you can get - which is mainly 2-3 good songs from Axl vocally each show and a very few setlist surprises here and there . Add the enjoyment of a live show and its surroundings and you can have a great night. But if they wont be able to offer more surprises (god forbid (good!) new songs!) and go on with the same/similar NITL shows they're doing since 4/2016....there isnt much motivation for die hards to see more shows. Good move for us is to watch and check the upcoming US tour on youtube and fan recordings closely and decide if this is worth the time, money and nerves to do multiple shows at all.
  5. Remember the 1st ever AUD GN'R video was 1/18/1986 Roxy by Marc Canter.
  6. THIS is the live song version making them legend!!! Totally A+++ !!!!
  7. And what would we get with shorter shows? Shorter shows with Mickey!! Not really a win situation for us.
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