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  1. Remember the 1st ever AUD GN'R video was 1/18/1986 Roxy by Marc Canter.
  2. THIS is the live song version making them legend!!! Totally A+++ !!!!
  3. And what would we get with shorter shows? Shorter shows with Mickey!! Not really a win situation for us.
  4. Using the official RS store, the 6 disc set costs 49,99 € + about 5 € shipping within Germany. The Code from troccoli didint work though.
  5. hello there. i hope you're doing well & staying healthy and safe in this crazy world. i'm a huge Sex Pistols fan as well as GnR obviously and i wanted to see if anyone could point me to a good quality version (soundboard, great audience quality) version of Tommy singing "Holidays In The Sun". i always hoped to see Tommy singing my favorite Pistols tune live but every time i saw them, he didn't do it. i have only ever heard bad quality versions and i'd love something i could play in my itunes. i normally don't like live versions but i dig how he does it. any help i could get would be greatly appreciated. - Brian

  6. There might be coming something like this very soon - not officially though. *cough, cough*
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