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  1. 5 hours ago, ZoSoRose said:

    The hype for the Vegas trip this time 5 years ago seems insane. It's killing me that was half a decade ago

    That Vegas trip was a dream come true. The meet up at some casino bar the night before was awesome, and hanging out with another hardcore fan dressed as young axl...... good times. 


    Half a decade and no new music, does Axl realise he's wasting valuable time? 

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  2. On 11/3/2020 at 6:50 AM, Silent Jay said:

    The album leaked. I had to stop on the first track, Realize, because it's so amazing. Strong 80s feels. It should have been the lead single right away. SITD is boring compared to it.

    Easily the best song on the album in my opinion 

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  3. 16 hours ago, dalsh327 said:

    Going back to listen to the back catalog and work my way forward until the album comes out. I wonder if they did work on more songs based on what Angus said about there being a lot of Malcolm and Angus song ideas still kicking around and put them on the shelf for now. 

    Doing the same, except staying away from Bon Scott stuff, and big guns of Back In Black and FTATR.  Cant stop listening to Flick of the Switch, such an underrated album. new clip of Demons Fire sounds AWESOME, really looking forward the release day; won't listen to it before purchasing it the old fashion way at the record store.  


    Read somewhere that this won't be the last AC/DC album as angus has more malcolm demos to go through.

  4. I was previously a fierce advocate for the village versions of the album songs, however, over time I am gradually moving to the anti/MSL leaks for my 'go to' versions.  


    With saying that, when I have a spare hour, and intently listen with high quality headphones,  and want to drift off into 'fantasy and dream of what could have been', nothing beats the Josh/pre RTB versions.

  5. @troccoli YCBM demo from appetite era, if available, 

    Bob Clearmountain mix of the singles of the album - or songs where the mix dramatically changes the vibe of the song

    Heaps of demo's including: Coma, Loco, DC, RNDTH, BREAKDOWN, YCBM, Estranged, Get in The Ring

    And a legendary live video from era, not being Tokyo, we already have that

    No stuff.........just audio/or dvd

  6. Such a good read, just started it.  I feel like he would be burning bridges with Slash and duff with  this book.  Especially when duff didn't air any dirt in his book.


    43 minutes ago, History2010 said:

    This book might be the first time I've heard that even Dizzy was looking to jump ship in the mid-90s. He has been commended by some for his loyalty and sticking with Axl through those tough times but it looks like he just couldn't find another band to join so he never left. 


    I was pretty disappointed that Matt didn't shed nearly any light on his feud with Scott Weiland. He probably didn't want to speak ill of a dead man but I was interested in learning more about that and the breakup of VR.

    Damn, I was looking forward to getting some answers re:VR

  7. 7 hours ago, 2020_Intensions said:

    Watching again and it's just so weird that I'm seeing Duff singing more than Axl & no close up on his ISE scream ?? I've never seen a GnR video like this 

    I agree. Initially thought axl screened the video and used shots that didn't have him in it. I thought the rule of videos was to show video footage of the focual point in that moment, however, the lead singer is rarely seen in major focual points of the songs. 

  8. 33 minutes ago, imsorry said:

    Make a live stream debuting Hard Skool release it as single and donates part of the earns to covid victims could be a good start.

    Release hardschool as single with live footage from previous 4 years as the music video. I would think that Would be relitivly easy, and cost effective. And have CD & Better w/Slash and duff intros as the b-sides. That way your not sacrificing any songs off future album. 

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