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  1. I've always loved his guitar work on The Garden and Right Next Door To Hell.
  2. My favorite live performance of Perfect Crime is the Noblesville, Indiana concert in 91.
  3. But the thing is we know he can still bring it just look at the AC/DC shows.
  4. Right. Im alright with them releasing these songs that aren't considered new. Im just glad we're getting to hear some kind of new material now.
  5. I may be in the minority on this one but Ive always thought Crash Diet would be a damn good song to get touched up and released. I could be biased but its one of my favorite tracks Guns has done personally. Would love to hear a finished version of it.
  6. I dont want to be that guy that says an oldie should be reworked and released next but my god please at some point gnr release Crash Diet. Its one of my favorite guns songs honestly.
  7. This song is an ass kicker just listened to it for the first time! I have no idea why in my dumb brain but after I listened to Hard Skool I went straight into listening to Crash Diet. Thats another dream song id love to see released.
  8. The anticipation is killing me about as much as wondering if Aaron Rodgers was coming back to Green Bay or not this year! Let's go!!!
  9. Someone tell them its the 30th anniversary they probably don't know lol
  10. I'm doing the same thing just saw that on ticketmaster
  11. I'm tempted to go to that Chicago show at Wrigley. $89 for GA floor tickets right now....
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