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  1. He sounds a lot better in person than on camera videos. For 59 years old he is kicking serious ass. He works his butt off on stage and gives a great effort that I appreciate.
  2. True. I hope someone posts a good quality video of the Portland paradise city and him throwing it
  3. Portland show was amazing with a dream come through at the end I caught axls whistle at the beginning of paradise city…….not sure how to add photo
  4. I’ll be there first show since Tijuana
  5. The goonies was close Astoria. I bet the play on the theme of the rose city.
  6. Please dead horse I missed it by one show in Tijuana
  7. What time do they normally get on stage I’ll be running a little late won’t get to Portland till 7:30 Guns N’ Roses in the city of Roses!!!!!
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