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  1. Hell of a set list, how did the band and uncle axl sound?
  2. It's just strained. Saying that, 2013 was one of the weakest years of his career. If he can come back from that I think he can come back from this. A break, vocal coach and trying would help greatly. It'll never be peak but I think it Coul come close.
  3. Fact it got played live is wonderful. Band sounded great. As for Axl, I know he's 59 and has wear and tear. However, still think he's capable of far better, maybe a coach would help him with his mid range. Kudos to him for singing it but felt really bad for him, it wasnt good.
  4. Maddy, don't cry, maybe seeker, PC. Calling it.
  5. I gotta funny feeling, there'll be no hardskool today
  6. Or throw in estranged like bumble foot did during a jam
  7. Sounds like a lot of the vocals are the original, some sound new
  8. The mix and guitar isn't doing it for me. The bass and vocals are though. Probably next year, I'd say an EP first.
  9. All we need is just some fucking patience, love the lineman, just not this lineman
  10. Well scom is pretty intolerable so nothing new there, band are tight RAW is insufferable
  11. I almost forgot, a joke about remembering slash is on guitar. The world's most predictable touring band I'd say a decent amount if they only remember Axls voice pre 1994. Plenty of happy campers too but the sequenci is of songs is a mood killer.
  12. What to expect at a modern GNR Show A similar set list Inconsistent vocals A joke about warm fuzzy feelings before YCBM A joke about love songs before ABSURD 2 marathon versions of RQ & KOHD Fun for the casuals Soul crushing agony for the hardcores
  13. For those that will be disappointed because of no HardSkool. Remember, this is GNR we're talking about.
  14. She cut the stream at absurd, ABSURD. Guarantee you there's no HardSkool tonight, if I'm wrong quote me or ban me for a week.
  15. RQ no bueno, last time I really enjoyed his clean voice was the yesterday's from 2016
  16. One of the better RQ outros, I'd love to hear a SB of Melissa's additions to tracks
  17. Can't wait for a 10 minute rendition of my world and don't damn me tonight.
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