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  1. I would have been on the next flight to the venue pitching a tent waiting had that happened
  2. I don't mind myles, just at the point where I'm kinda done with him and slash. Musically I love the rest of the band, I've always had a soft spot for Rod Jackson too...
  3. "The Conspirators is just such a simple, easy band, and it’s been like that from its inception. It’s a band where everybody just wants to get together and play, and there’s really not a lot of other stuff that gets in the way. We get the material together and we go for it, and once a run’s over, then we go and do other things.” Jesus Slash, tread a bit more carefully when talking about SMKC
  4. Ill either be at the NYC show or house of blues, probably NYC I listened to the single in the car this morning on my way to work twice. Good god that Mix sounded terrible in my car speakers. I can hardly hear the bass and myles vocals. Slash cuts through but is lost in some parts Musically, I don't mind it. The beat at the start of the first verses sounds like the immigrant song, well similar to. The chorus riff is really catchy. I also like parts of the solo but the tempo changes are odd. You can tell this was done live. I noticed a few mistakes by Brent where he should have went to different cymbals Than he did, but switched a measure or two in (especially after the solo he goes back to the hi hats for a measure but switches to the bell of the ride right after). Not my favorite, but you can tell its slash and myles. they're stuff sounds pretty similar. Curious for the rest of the album. Living the Dream grew on me slowly, especially some of the solos slash did on it.
  5. Congrats on the 100th episode! Always great hearing from bumble. love his solo stuff, hoping he puts out another solo album soon
  6. Axl rose releasing 2 statements on social media in the span of a month? Beta and the GNR social media posting pictures of Axl rose not during a concert? is Axl Rose back?
  7. Personally, what I think should and will happen are different. I think they should hit the sunset strip and play the Troubadour and a few other smaller venues like this (especially since these typically are better shows since the band seems to thrive in smaller venues). A Vegas residency would be cool too. I think they should also plan something for a Black Friday release. Whether it's a song or a live album (with various song performances from the last 4ish years). I don't see the SMKC tour lasting long at all, especially since GNR has 2022 dates and Myles is quite busy coming up. I think thats just a pit stop for both slash and myles. Props to GNR this leg though. They came out ready and put on a nice leg of a tour. Hopefully this is a short break and we see them a few more times before 2022
  8. Yes I remember! Hoping they hit 4+ hours this time length wise and just play everything they got tonight
  9. Record breaking concert?!?! I want coma and locomotive in this set! 4 hour show!
  10. Damn why does this leg have to end? Everyone sounds great right now, the set list is changing (order wise) largely nightly and some new songs added here and there, slash's tone is off the charts, and axl is in a good mood. Really bad timing for this leg to end
  11. And I’m sure the general was played right after
  12. My friend went (he’s a casual) and he went back in 2016 too. Said this was impressive and incredibly glad he attended. He called the set “long” but didn’t mind hearing all the CD songs considering the set was so lengthy. Felt like he got his money worth and was glad he could bring his son this time. he also mentioned Witchita being a highlight of the night. He really enjoyed the cover. Was also glad to hear coma again and was surprised when I said they didn’t play it the first 1/3-1/2 of this leg. overall he was quite happy with everything. Made no mentions of axls voice but said he was talkative and in a good mood. nice to a hear a positive review
  13. If Izzy had backing vocals on hard skool 🤤
  14. I’m assuming the Izzy story wasn’t followed by Izzy appearing?
  15. Anyone catch the story / what he said about Izzy
  16. Slash referenced last show being the longest of the tour last show. I wonder if they’re trying to go for the record or something.
  17. I have to agree here. I watched the Fenway version last night again then the Maryland version right after and the only parts I went passed were the fortus solos and some of slash's talk box solo. But the outro is much improved since Fenway now. Frank just needs a bit more Adler feel to him to make it really rock
  18. I thought the band was tight. Made me think even more Frank was the drummer on the recorded track. I didn't like the back vocals by Melissa and Duff. I thought they were way too high in the mix. Axl wasn't as bad as I expected. Its a tough transition from the verses to the chorus. I thought the rasp in the outro was a nice touch as well. Cool to see Richard nail the ending solo with the tapping or whatever he does that bucket kinda created in the demo.
  19. Throw in locomotive and coma and this show breaks the forum now
  20. Ok the highlight was Richard nailing the tapping part at the end of hard skool. Slash sounded great, Axl did better than I expected. But shit when Richard came in with the taping I let out a “fuck yeah Richard”. That was pretty cool to finally see
  21. I left of on page 40 before the weekend and don’t wanna scroll. Did we ever figure out who’s on drums and if fortus or bucket is on guitar at all?
  22. Slash finally promoted it an hour ago. Fortus reposted from a fan, nothing from Frank.
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