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  1. Just my take on it but working in financial industry on a pure profit basis there is no way they will keep a tour out on the road with 6 days between dates if there is the demand for shows that can make money (or at least soak up fixed costs). More than likely are in negotiation to be added to other festivals etc - what odds Glastonbury 2021 which starts after the Glasgow show and a free weekend on that schedule?
  2. One benefit of getting up at 5:30 to start work these days so can have 3 hours in office uninterrupted is that hotels etc all sorted. And yes the Glasgow show is now Bellahouston (nr Ibrox Rangers stadium) . Green Day switched their show to there on 28/6/21 from Glasgow Green as well. As an aside the Friday show in London could also be the same night England play Scotland at Wembley in Euro 2020 (if they beat Israel in play off) - avoid Trafalgar Square that day if they do :-D
  3. Interesting to note that just had an email that Lady Gaga has confirmed a date for Spurs Stadium Jul-2021 so the logistics of Premier League season and availability must be known. Interesting she has put a Friday show on sale similar to Guns did presuming a Saturday added subject to demand. One wonders with potential for reduced demand whether bands may "share" a basic preparing of the stadium for a concert like has been seen many times - would help margins etc
  4. GUNS N' ROSES ADDING SHOW IN GLASGOW Don't miss your chance to see the band live 25 June at Glasgow Green! Get on the Nightrain for first shot at tickets beginning 28 JANUARY at NOON local time. Active NIGHTRAIN members will see their UNIQUE presale code displayed on the TOUR page after logging in. Tickets go on sale to the general public beginning 31 JANUARY at 9:00AM local time. If you are not current a member of Nightrain, check out the Nightrain packages below and come join us on the road!
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