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  1. Would love to see that happen, but it seemed to be shelved after Vegas 2012. Absolutely would be a great fit with Slash. Axl dodged the literal interpretations of his lyrics, in his interviews.
  2. Just started listening to this music. I’m impressed so far. I read he does everything on it. Some force of nature. Melodic yet distinct voice. My musical tastes are mostly in the past but check it out.
  3. My first time seeing GN’R. A fan since 88, was heavily invested in Chinese Democracy and this was an amazing spectacle! Watched Rio on VHS before for months but all of a sudden Axl was there and funny as fuck! The coolest frontman I have ever seen. The new songs were more confidently performed and I caught them again in London that Monday. I flew from Dublin to Belgium, then to London and back to Ireland, on a high. I caught them 16 more times after, but this will always be my ‘I was there moment’. Also saw Buckethead
  4. I’m grateful for the release. Will spin this a lot. Maybe it’s the Shackler August release, then Hard Skool in October and dare I hope a Thanksgiving release of a new album. There’s a huge opportunity with new versions of the 08 release too.
  5. If no lp but a single, I won’t refuse that either. Will need a ritual playing of the single if this is the way!
  6. Now you remind of the fat that needed to be chopped off the Illusion tour. Matt was brilliant on the recordings and song performances, but that John Bonham stuff was too much. The excesses of Stadium Rock. Is that what Stephanie Seymour now looks like!
  7. 5 years since I saw them there. I traveled from Dublin to see Slash back in the fold. Didn’t disappoint.
  8. Congrats! I got this in 2014. I keep mine in a safe and though I have quite some cool stuff, I’ve never opened it and paid about €500 on EBay for it. Just bought a new Live Era Vinyl. The circle is now complete!
  9. To put in in the fewest of words, outside of GNR, Duff & Slash’s solo career is artistically derivative. Yet when they were in GNR they laid golden eggs. I have followed them all as I am a diehard fan, but only Axl and Izzy held their own, in their own ways. Perfectionism & prolificacy.
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