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  1. Here is a fun analysis done by some (I assume) armchair physicists. A theory of how UAP/UFO's (if they are doing what they appeared to be doing in incidents like the Nimitz) could work without breaking the laws of physics. https://www.uaptheory.com/
  2. Most US journalists are toadies and Blinken is a psychopath.
  3. In the US we call those Episcopalians
  4. Guess that was the only way to rebel.
  5. Which cheeks? This is a known-known.
  6. I think the first thing to keep in mind is this has been called a preliminary report. It wasn't an exhaustive report of everything the government knows. They only looked at 144 cases and the oldest is in 2004. I think the implication is they didn't review any potential materials in possession of various agencies. But there is a classified version of the report that is much longer, so I can't say what is all in there. Also, 80 of these incidents they looked at were picked up by multiple sensors and by eyewitnesses, and in only one case in the 144 could they reasonably come up with an expla
  7. The UAP Report is out! https://www.cnn.com/2021/06/27/politics/ufos-uap-extraterrestrial-life/index.html
  8. There's a lot of people on the right who want to ban critical race theory solely for the reason it has the word race in it. Some of these folks have no idea what the theory (or theories really, because it's not just one thing) being taught are and probably haven't even gone as far as to read the wikipedia entry for it. I have no problem with rhetorically fighting CRT, there's some parts of it I would fight too. But even though I'm halfway on the right, I actually agree with some of the tenets of critical race theory, and find their worldview more satiating than the standard liberal view.
  9. That does seem to be western foreign policy. Invade and/or destabilize poor countries, and let the refugees flood into Europe. Apparently the Taliban have more of the will of the people than anyone else. Even with 20 years of American troops in the country, they couldn't come up with a rival power with enough clout to challenge the Taliban. Sad!
  10. Kind of a funny interview with a congressman on the UAP issue. Funny line about more people believing in ET than that support congress...true! https://www.tmz.com/2021/06/15/congressman-tim-burchett-ufo-uap-sightings-not-russians-from-another-galaxy-biden-putin-meeting/
  11. As you said, and I agree, Russia is not an existential threat, or even a major threat to the US. It's economy is weak and it has a shrinking population. I don't see them as the threat to Eastern Europe as they were in the Stalin era where they just literally wanted to swallow up Europe whole. They want to do what the US does, have their own version of NATO with governments friendly and dependent on them. I can see why Washington see's that as a threat, because Washington wants to continually expand it's sphere of influence. But Russia can longer be the world's most powerful player, that ship
  12. With all due respect, Israel and pro-Israel interest groups have much more influence on our political class, and China has in some ways already surpassed the US economically. The focus on Russia by Washington seems like an odd misallocation of resources to me in comparison to other lobby groups and countries.
  13. Yeah I pretty much agree that simply trying to ban an idea is pretty weak and is pretty much an admission you just don't have the proper arguments to smash the idea. If someone disagrees with CRT they need to meet it on the battlefield and make their arguments about why it's bunk. Trying to ban something is a cop-out. I'm not speaking of obscenity or porn or something. Those aren't arguments and I'm far more sympathetic to someone wanting to ban or restrict those than a political idea, even one I disagree with like CRT.
  14. You're probably right. The actual policies will probably remain similar for the foreseeable future. I think you'll start to see less of the overt vocal support from politicians in speeches and such (I think you're starting to see it already).
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