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  1. They're trying to rally around Desantis. But I think he's going to be too boring and wonky for the Trump crowd, and not polished enough for the McConnell-Ryan crowd, basically the problem the party will have with any candidate.
  2. Yeah I think that's the conclusion guys like Lue came to after having access to all of the data we don't. He's smart in that he doesn't want to come out and say it and prejudice the jury so to speak, he wants the data to speak for itself and people are naturally going to come to that conclusion.
  3. I mean, potentially. But for me to take that theory seriously I need to see evidence that's what is happening. Just as I'd like to see more actual evidence of these encounters with UAP or at the very least the UAPTF report, which should shed some light, in June. Right now I see two different camps in government, one who wants to talk about this subject and one that doesn't. I have no reason to believe those aren't legitimate beliefs at this point. Also, no one is saying aliens at this point because I legitimately think most people, even in government, don't know for sure. But we have to b
  4. They're not, not in totality at least. Just a week ago a Pentagon spokeswoman tried to deny Lue had any involvement in AATIP, and the next day Harry Reid said that was false and he headed the program (Reid would know, he created the program). The way I see it, there's still a large contingent in the DOD who are dragging their feet and don't want this released and want to play games. But there are genuine whistleblowers now which has created momentum and congressional interest. So that's where we are now.
  5. https://nypost.com/2021/04/30/feds-cover-up-of-ufos-puts-us-at-risk/ Nice long piece on former head of the AATIP Program, Lue Elizondo. @SoulMonster will appreciate this quote
  6. I don't know if I speak for a lot of people but I've been burned so many times I'm not paying attention nearly as much as I used to. I tend to find plenty to criticize of both of these parties for so I'm not sure how representative I am.
  7. All people are tribal. In China or Israel they'd have the same backlash if a politician was explicitly calling for racial justice for the minorities there. I remember seeing a study a couple years ago showing that transgender people leaned libertarian. Not surprising to see Jenner run as a Republican. I think this will become a trend, transgender Republicans.
  8. Loving this theme, want to run through a wall right now!
  9. That's why I started a UFO thread on here!
  10. Hacksaw Ridge will cause even the manliest man to shed a singular manly tear.
  11. The Taliban didn't win because of weaponry. The Taliban won because they won the battle for hearts and minds. The people of Afghanistan clearly don't feel strongly enough to get rid of them, and the US public stopped caring about this war a long time ago.
  12. I'll give him credit if he follows through, should have happened long ago. Essentially, the Taliban basically won didn't they? Have to tip my cap for being able to outlast the world's biggest empire.
  13. Compared to some of the goofy Godzilla movies they were making during the 60's and 70's, these movies are dark! At least Godzilla is portrayed as an apex predator who is beyond good and evil. Kong is the one who can have a special connection to humans. Godzilla does his own thing and is more of a Mad Max type character, coming and going as he pleases.
  14. Insomnia (2002). If there's one word I could use here it's tension! Nolan really does tension well here and evil Robin Williams is a delight.
  15. I thought it was fine. Some of these reviewers are ridiculous. A movie full of nothing but Kong and Godzilla fighting would actually suck. You have to pace correctly and use them correctly. Two monsters who have no dialog can't carry an entire damn movie! This is the same thing that has killed pro wrestling. You have all these geeks doing somersaults, flips, and super kicks non stop. They've lost the art of pacing, story-telling, and selling.
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