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  1. Your profile says you're from the UK. I don't think you understand how strong the gun culture is for about 25-30% of Americans. It wouldn't be that abnormal for someone in that demographic (even a kid) to look at different types of guns and ammo online.
  2. Yeah it's the recording they played at the 91 MTV VMA's.
  3. I agree it was dumb to go down there, but the fact of the matter is he was charged with 1st degree murder, which implies he went there specifically to murder people. What actually happened is each person he shot attacked him first (one of them with a gun). That's just not first degree murder, and the jury agreed.
  4. Your right to self-defense doesn't magically go away when you leave your property. The men who attacked him that night had no right to do so and a jury found Kyle acted in self-defense.
  5. Several people have been killed in Waukesha, WI (north of Kenosha, WI) in a car attack. I wonder if this attacker was hyped up on the Rittenhouse coverage? https://www.cbs58.com/news/breaking-waukesha-holiday-parade-evacuated-following-emergency-event-involving-gunshots-speeding-vehicle
  6. That was kind of the problem, the police decided to not enforce anything in certain parts of the city which led to anarchy. I'm not saying I'd recommend someone go down there with a gun to try and be an unofficial national guardsman, but he did, and was attacked by each person he eventually shot. Each person that got shot was legitimate self defense in relation to a 1st degree murder charge, and that's what the jury found. And as I said, he wasn't the only one there with a gun, people who were there to protest or be protest-adjacent also had guns.
  7. You do realize one of the guys he shot also had a gun, as well as the guy (assume to be a protester) who fired into the air before Rosenbaum charged Rittenhouse. This was about a charge of first degree murder, not about was it smart to go to a potential riot zone that the police aren't doing their job for with a gun.
  8. https://www.politico.com/news/2021/11/17/this-is-urgent-bipartisan-proposal-for-ufo-office-pushes-new-boundaries-522845 ‘This is urgent’: Bipartisan proposal for UFO office pushes new boundaries Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand says in an exclusive interview she is concerned about the impact of encounters on military personnel.
  9. So is Donald Trump ever going to have any charges stick to him? With the way things are going he's going to wipe the floor with the Republican Primary, and he very well could win the Presidency in 2024. Where are all these charges that he was facing? Is any of this going to stick? I've gone from a guy who voted for him in 2016 to being so sick of him I'd like to see him put away.
  10. I think it's really interesting when Senators talk like this. Keep in mind they have access to videos, data, and testimony the public hasn't heard yet. He describes craft moving in ways that dumbfounds him and he can't imagine any government having this technology. This isn't a smoking gun by any means, just really interesting given the type of person talking like this.
  11. Science itself isn't a belief system and religious people can be just as scientific as anyone else...the big bang was hypothesized by a Catholic Priest. Mind blown right!
  12. Good, nuanced take. TBH there's so many parties who made bad decisions that night: Rittenhouse is one, IMO, was an extremely naïve kid who probably never even thought through any scenario where he'd have to actually use his weapon. He probably thought he was going to show up with his gun and people were going to magically listen to his commands. This kid probably played too many video games or watched too many movies and thought he was some superhero. His mom was extremely irresponsible for basically signing off on him doing this and driving him there. The cops, for just standing back and letting anarchy run wild on the streets. What good are they even they can't even keep the peace? Glen Grosskreutz, for being there and being armed with a handgun. Given his criminal record, I'm not sure it would have been legal for him to be carrying that weapon. Joseph Rosenbaum, who if anyone, is the real villain of this whole story. First off, why this guy wasn't in prison for life is beyond me. He raped multiple underage boys. This was an extremely disturbed individual, who apparently started this whole chain of events by charging Rittenhouse, going for his gun and verbally threatening to kill him. After he gets shot and killed, the other people involved here might have thought Rittenhouse was an active shooter even as he was running away. I won't lose a second of sleep over this guys killing.
  13. Love the double standards. If he was stoic during the trial they'd call him heartless, if he cries or gets emotional they call him a pussy. Even if he truly believes what he did was self-defense, having to rewatch people dying from your weapon can't be easy, especially for an 18 year old.
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