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  1. You're witnessing a pure personality cult in action. Just enjoy the spectacle man.
  2. Buddy, this is pathetic. This whole "democrats are the real racists" routine works on very few people (mostly just a few white boomers). Liberals just laugh at it. Please find another strategy.
  3. That too was popular with conservatives, who now try to pass it off as democrat policy
  4. Yeah no kidding. Don't let conservatives tell you they now hate the 1994 crime bill. It was a very popular measure at the time among conservatives and even some liberals. They're just trying to score cheap political points now.
  5. My assumption is the standard anti-Trump liberal isn't the type to take the streets and brawl with someone. Usually that's the antifa/black bloc or adjacent types.
  6. Well looks like there are brawls between black bloc/antifa types and trump supporters at the DC rally. This account has some of the raw footage of the brawls. I guaranty Trump won't do shit for any of his supporters who either got messed up or will end up in legal trouble. As I've said, the relationship between Trump's supporters and himself is they give, he takes.
  7. I mean yeah, they literally put their own guys (Office of Special Plans) in the Pentagon to pull all their misinformation off. It was definitely blatant, not incompetence. Now by no way was this all orchestrated by Bush. That guy was just a man of average intelligence and below average work ethic in way over his head and surrounded by some real evil sharks.
  8. He's going to continue to grift off these people as long as he can. As I said before, he'll use their contributions to pay off his campaign debts. And then after this is all over, he'll probably try and start up his own media empire and try to get as many of these people as possible as subscribers. The relationship between Trump and his base goes one way, they give and he takes.
  9. I would say even that's generous. He should have added "and he wants to pay down his campaign debt and see's a good opportunity for more donations!"
  10. But he acted nice during the transition to Obama and sat by Michelle Obama that one time...surely that makes up for it!
  11. Trump's tagline shouldn't be "Make America Great Again!"...it should be "Never Let a Good Grift go to Waste!"
  12. You're coming across as a bootlicker of American foreign policy and can't bring yourself to ever admit they do some evil shit. I live in reality, America isn't the good guy by default, it's usually way more nuanced than that.
  13. I like how you ignore the first half of the article and only highlight what you like. Look I can highlight too, why would a 'smart sanctions' plan need to be discussed if the original sanctions didn't do anything to kill people? Use some common sense.
  14. I have no idea who Michael Rubin is (the author of this article). The Nation provides a much more balanced version of events. They blame both the sanctions (and the devastation from the war itself) and Hussein. And they also come to an estimate of 350,000 children killed through the year 2000. https://www.thenation.com/article/archive/hard-look-iraq-sanctions/
  15. Question for you, why does the US get to claim the moral high ground after starving children (you've now conceded that's what happened, after trying to cite wikipedia)? Who steps in to stop the US from deciding to starve a country to get the political solution it wants?
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