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  1. Bringing this baby back! https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2023/06/rubio-says-hes-heard-shocking-first-hand-accounts-of-ufos.html And apparently there are going to be congressional hearings about this. So either the US does have some of this 'exotic' material that whistleblowers are talking about, or people high up in the intelligence world have lost their marbles or are running a psyop. Either way, it's a big story either way.
  2. I figured we needed a UFO thread on here, because I think it's a fun topic. I consider myself an open-minded skeptic on this issue. I tend to brush off stories of random guys claiming to be sexually molested by aliens, but when navy pilots give testimony that they've followed craft that can do things that are far beyond our technology, and they have video to boot, I take an interest. So here are some videos that caught my interest. So what say you, is it all crap, have we been visited by aliens, are they man-made experimental craft?
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