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  1. Does anyone ever realize we're never allowed to vote on things like foreign policy? Democrat or Republican in power, we have the same alliances and relative same policy of aggression against the same countries. There are some differences here and there, but we're never allowed to vote for big changes to the foreign policy status quo.
  2. What does this prove? They probably also wouldn't want to live in a Soviet Gulag either. So what. I could say the same statement with the Uighur's, they probably wouldn't want to be in a WWII era concentration camp or Gulag either. We actually don't know much about the Uighur facilities. They might be living better than the Gazan's. Maybe they wouldn't want to trade places with the Gazan's?
  3. In a way, yes. One could argue the Gaza strip is one big concentration camp.
  4. I'll just say this. Why would anyone expect the US to put it's blood and treasure on the line on the account of the Uighur's, when the US's own allies in Israel and Saudi Arabia inflict human rights and war crimes abuses quite blatantly without much reproach? This goes way beyond whoever the current Republican or Democrat that is President.
  5. Most people have serious doubts there's an actual genocide those people occurring. Civil liberties violations up the wazoo, yes, but not a genocide. And where have you been? The American elite decided to outsource production and cozy up to China decades ago, this isn't a Biden thing, it's an American elite thing. And Trump, for all his bluster, the trade deficit with China increased under his term!
  6. They'll go right back to pure neoliberalism like Trump never happened. Oh they might send some 'tough' tweets about China, but it'll be business as usual. Yeah, what Trump did with Iran was insane. Assassinating one of their national heroes in General Soleimani. Luckily the Iranian regime has restraint and didn't strike back a target that would have led to an escalation.
  7. Neoliberal economics and an insane foreign policy?
  8. I don't think any Republican is going to win the Presidency in 2024. However, if Trump actually runs in the primary, it's going to be very difficult for another Republican to beat him out in those primaries. Funny enough, I think the only way someone does is if they out-Trump Trump and just do his 2016 talking points with bravado.
  9. I don't know what you're arguing at this point. The majority of Republican voters prefer Trump over the people you mentioned. If you have evidence that shows otherwise I'd be interested in seeing it. I think you're falling into the realm of an is-ought fallacy.
  10. Did he say none of those were taped, or just that they haven't been released? I would have thought they were all taped because they would need to send a feed of video to the jumbotron for the audience. I assume they save that tape (at least I hope they did). Seems to be similar to GnR concerts from 91 on, all that stuff is on tape it's just sitting in a vault somewhere.
  11. One other thing is I believe they have hardly uploaded any house show video? Why not upload more of that stuff? I want to see the matches that have cult status but we never got to see, such as the Shawn Michaels vs Steve Austin house shows in 1996 where they supposedly tore the house down every night.
  12. I'm reminded of the Carl Schmitt quote that explains most politics: "The specific political distinction to which political actions and motives can be reduced is that between friend and enemy."
  13. A good chunk, and probably a majority of actual Republican voters like Trump and Trumpism more than those people you just mentioned. How many polls do you need to see to understand this? That's why the Republican party is in a bind, it's big donors want Liz Cheney like politicians, but many of the voters want people like Trump. That's the reality.
  14. No offense, but why would any Republican listen to you or people of your persuasion? Do you really have the best intentions for their party at heart? C'mon now.
  15. My God, if he really wants to burn down the Republican party, give this man a Nobel prize.
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