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  1. Ah fuck, I hardly post here anymore but but I do remember her! always sad to hear of somebody passing away. It's weird how some usernames just stick with you and leave an impression on you.
  2. So far i'm really liking wandavision!
  3. They pretty much are haha, if you want to watch some excellent scifi i can recommend the expanse it's one of the best if not the best scifi show ever made in my opinion.
  4. I totally agree, saru is a great character and i wish burnham would just die already the only thing she does is cry all the time and the whole connection with spock thing that just makes me want to puke. I have high hopes for the new show with pike and ofcourse number one that should be proper trek. It took the producers a while but it looks like we're finally getting back to proper star trek
  5. Could not find a thread for star trek discovery so i figured i'd bump this one. Anyone watching S3 of discovery? S1 and S2 were utter shit in my opinion however S3 has been awesome so far, feels like it's been really getting back to the 90's or even the 60's star trek most people have come to love.
  6. Gonna give it a go tonight, but im not expecting it to be any good. it's been years since those three have managed to make something good. I just cant get past all the scripted stuff.
  7. How are the numbers looking in the us? Has there been any change since the white house has been in charge of releasing those numbers to the public?
  8. Im more interested in a pair 38D's flapping around my head
  9. Thanks, i suspect he'll recover pretty soon due to his age but you just never know for sure with this virus.
  10. Yes he has been tested and it is confirmed to be corona, his family is now in quarantine. Ambulance workers came and picked him up and transported him to the hospital yesterday.
  11. Corona has reared it's ugly head in my family as well, as of yesterday my 15 year old nephew has been taken to hospital. This is a kid with no underlying health conditions, at the moment he is not in an icu and they expect him to recover but still...all the more reason to stay at home if possible
  12. Untill there is a vaccine or herd immunity is reached.
  13. I can't stress enough how badly the Dutch government is handling this situation, in 2 weeks time it's going to look a lot like where Italy is now. Taking drastic measures now is the only thing that could possibly prevent that from happening
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