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  1. After reading Matt's book, I realized how greedy Slash has been since the beginning. In all honesty Slash n Duff are cucks of W. Axl Rose, lost all the respect I had left for them today.
  2. Off topic, but before Bring it Back Home starts on rumbo tapes you get a weird mix of Just Another Sunday too & before JAS, it has a few seconds of the unreleased Arkeen / Axl song Sunny Lovers Day.
  3. Hoping they go the Metallica route and release full gigs, but then again its GNR.
  4. I feel as if with all those "tracklistings" if we don't see tracks like Hardschool, Soul Monster, Atlas, General than the tracklistings is fake, cause I feel those would be the most tracks that Axl, Slash n Duff would put on a new record (even though we haven't really heard The General yet).
  5. In my opinion all they gotta do is just drop The General, I want a new album, but the only way I'll be satisfied with what we got from GNR is with The General.
  6. Hang on a sec, GNR is signed with interscope which they also operate Island Records. Guys this might be real...
  7. So on the Sally in the email, full name is Sally Green works for UMG under Mercury Record's (Nashville) which later merged into Island Record's under UMG. Also the pic with the email is scanned, and the blacked out words are hand drawn. The guy uploaded his card from Geffen (which is identical to Tom Zutauts) which the address is 9130, West Hollywood, 90069- 6197 which from research Geffen moved from that location in '99, but the location now is some guys foundation.
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