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  1. Antifragile by Nassim Taleb. Good book. Guns is a fragile band. Axl for all his good traits, such as defense of the value of art, seems like a fragile human. 360p upscale to 1080 with a bad mix and horrid transcode? Video editing where a year one student could do better? Treating Axl like the wizard of oz? No interest in this band anymore. No balls. CD was cool. Praise robin. I’m done with GNR. byyyeeeeee
  2. I was listening to Three Dollar Pyramid (Take 4) today and I noticed the intro isn’t silence. Its very faint mandolin. And possibly a tape reel recorder sound at the very beginning. Anyone with audio experience wanna boost up the levels and resort back?
  3. Tasteless shirt is tasteless. Ugly shirt is ugly. Slow shipping is slow. Bad management is bad.
  4. Happy for you Russ! Life’s too short to spend time on things that bring you down and don’t get you going. Don’t forget me when you’re a big time podcaster.
  5. I’m sure this tweet will not be controversial and everyone is going to react really maturely and sensibly. I’m sure of it.
  6. We should have a dedicated thread for "All artists who've released live concerts during COVID except Guns". Add Radiohead to the list. They uploaded Bonnaroo 2006 which is supposedly one of Thom's favorite shows.
  7. The internet is pissed but the first XSX games shown were pretty cool.
  8. If anyone is interested: I've seen Xbox One X deals for $225 but regularly $250-$300 from January to April. PS4 Pro deals have been typically $300 but have been hard to find since February. Yep, that version was $15 for the the first two weeks of April. It's probably a safe bet it'll go on sale around June 11th when Cyberpunk is shown off and normal E3 (RIP) sales are.
  9. I know why you wanna hate me
    Cause hate is all the world has even seen lately


  10. I really like “Healing Inside Outside Every Side”. Thanks Big B.
  11. No one commented on this? ... in regards to the yet to be released book, Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash commented, “it’s great to finally get this out. With the nature of the industry, we weren’t really sure how to release this story. Slash continued: “Its just like, how do we want to do this? A lot of people are like, do an interactive movie, or live stream Fernando’s family 24/7 like the Truman Show, or unveil the book at drag queen story hour. It’s really confusing man. But I’m glad we’re getting this out there. A children’s book, is like, pretty rad.”
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