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  1. That's what I've been thinking from the first time we got to see the documents. Coming from a family of lawyers, I know how every word matters, and in my view, Axl could've played them with this detail. He doesn't have to repsond to anything cause this case is not about him but about his father. Technically, he could ignore it all. Especially when you see how pedantic they are when it comes to their "Gate-or-Door"-Gate...
  2. There's a new German/English podcast about the Milli Vanilli story and in the part uploaded today they mention that Slash was one of Rob's "absolute idols" and that the Rainbow was his fave hangout. After Milli Vanilli was over and Rob was heavy on drugs he went to the Rainbow one night with the bass player and walked up to Slash to ask him if he remembers him (in the delusion he was still a big star) and Slash didn't. I had no idea that Slash was his idol but I've always said in this photo he looks a lot like him. Starts at about minute 24:00
  3. My sentiments exactly. But he better not word it that way cause being all over her ass (allegedly) got him into this mess in the first place... Her lawyers might take it as a confession LOL
  4. And this is already 12% off LOL The original price is $2000
  5. Found that page again. Here's a screenshot of the "residences"
  6. Well, the court people in the Kennedy case have hired an investigator now to trace Axl. He has to dress low-key Joking aside, I think the pants are cute. Well, for $1750 they have to.
  7. Thought the Montana house was a gift from Axl to Beta. He lives in Malibu but as you can see when you scroll back through this thread or view the court files, the people attempting to serve him the papers were told by staff that Axl is not the resident but Beta. And it's on file that Malibu is not his primary residence. A while back I came across a page (not related to the case though, it was a genealogy page) where they had listed three residence addresses for him. Malibu, Thousand Oaks, and one on Sunset. Don't know what the source of this page is though. I thought the Thousand Oaks house was Beta's and her family's main residence but I could imagine that they may use this for the court case too, since they denied that Malibu is his main residence. But what do we know, I guess we'll see how the drama (spying on Axl, door definitions... LOL) keeps unfolding.
  8. Don't let them lawyers listen to "Knocking on Heaven's Door" Cause according to the Bible that thing is also a gate...
  9. I explained in my post why. If you weren't so invested to oppose me and other users again and again just for the sake of it you could just go and read all the court documents like those of us interested in the thread topic do and see from the history that trespassing has been an issue and that the staff are already denying that Axl lives there. The "acute" stalkers who are sharing their stories all over social media and the expression of Axl and Beta in the stealthy phone footage will complete the picture for you. And like I've said before, there are plenty more who openly declare they are planning to go to his house "even if it's wrong" and, as one of them expressed it, take as many photos of "people" as I can cause one day life will be over. Feel free to disagree again just for the sake of it, I'm gonna use the Ignore button here for the first time on this forum. The fact that you single me out for NOT stalking and NOT collecting used bandaids (which almost everyone here and elsewhere finds disturbing) but staying at a hotel in a city where I have family and upon invitation by TB speaks for itself. It would've been pretty impolite not to, upon invitation to stay and an offer to come to the show that night. Not to mention leaving people mid-conversation. And there was plenty conversation that day. And fun. Something you might want to try one day.
  10. The gate usually is closed which is why in the majority of the times the court tried to serve the papers they had to tape them to the gate. Just on the day it was the lady's turn to try and deliver them the gate was open (see Eduardo's statement).
  11. That's what I said - I never saw any security (except for the shows). That doesn't change the fact that Eduardo stated that he thought the woman was trespassing and told her to leave, and it also doesn't change the fact that, according to the court documents, staff denied that Axl is the resident of the mansion. It was quoted that Beta is the resident and what's more, that Malibu is not Axl's primary residence. Further, it took the court several attempts by several people to deliver the papers while there's always someone at the property. The fact that his staff has to deny that Axl is resident there tells me that he doesn't want to be bothered at his home. Which adds up with the expression/reaction he and Beta showed in the pics/video of the fans that put the footage out there. Um, you are aware that he's a stage person? Have you seen him on stage - how he loves being a rock star on stage? Fate did. Just like the week before when Andrei came up to our gallery during the show and thanks to a funny mixup we became acquainted over the loud music. When your first conversation with someone is a shouting match it's a very good icebreaker It wasn't my first time with Guns either. I met Axl back in the early 90's and got to be with Slash in the MJ video. I started working in the industry myself in the 90's. However, this is taking the thread off topic again and I shared part of my story before.
  12. But the fans are driving around Malibu (and other places associated with Axl) looking for him, and when you look around social media, there are many many who say life is short and they don't care whether it's right or wrong, they are planning to go see Axl's house. After it got around that I spent an entire day with Guns + TB + family and friends and pets at their hotel I got bombarded for months after by women who asked me to "take me with you next time you visit Axl" (assuming this was a regular thing for me), to "teach me how to be a groupie" (WTF??), and "are you coming to this and that show with me, I got tickets, you take us backstage". I'm not exaggerating, it was so much I got seriously ill in October and didn't even want to open FB anymore. After this experience I can only imagine what's really going on there around his house. That's why I wasn't kidding when I posted yesterday that - like Eduardo's statement shows - everyone at the property is probably on alert now and that they assumed the lady who delivered the court papers was also a stalker. Yes, Axl loves the attention, he's lives the rock star thing. BUT - at the right place at the right time. He's still that very private guy also. As for security on tour - at the shows, yes. of course. In the hotel however, zero but his regulars - TB, Del James, Andrei. No security. Also not with the drivers when everyone was leaving for the show that night. In Rome where lots of fans were present, police was taking care of everything, as far as I know.
  13. Just in case this has been misunderstood - the woman Eduardo Lebeis talks about was the woman sent from the court to serve the papers, not a stalker. It's the actual stalkers who have everyone on the property paranoid by now (can you blame Axl IF he's hiding in the house) and Eduardo telling her she was trespassing. His statement goes on: https://iapps.courts.state.ny.us/nyscef/ViewDocument?docIndex=0Sg9bF90HE13h7t9LhpIVw==
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