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Underrated Drummers


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Ginger Baker, Keith Moon and Ian Paice are my fav drummers. I don't think any of them have got the attention they deserve.

Anybody know the name of the drummer Santana had on Woodstock? He was insane!

That guy is amazing! He was in his teen, i think, when he performed. I completely forgot Mitch Mitchell.

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1)Charlie Watts. A lot of people would say his playing is rather basic, but that man can swing and he has been the glue that held together countless timeless songs. Listen to any Stones tune.

2)Ringo Starr. Again, his playing seems simplistic, but not just any drummer could hang in there for the Beatles wild experimentation during the latter half of their career. Check out any Beatle song.

3) Buddy Miles. Most people recognize Mitch Mithchell and tend to forget that Jimi's other drummer was like a rolling train. See Band of Gypsys

4)Jaimoe Johanson and 5) Butch Trucks. If you've ever heard the Allman Brothers live you know what I'm saying. Check out At Fillmore East

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i like Jimmy Chamberlin he was good with the Smashing Pumpkins' but i really liked him in 1996 when he then joined The Last Hard Men lead by Sebastian Bach. The band released only one CD but i really like chamberlin on this album and some might say hes not underrated but i dont think he ever got the respect for being a great drummer

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