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Killswitch Engage


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now I'm seeing this band in October,so here's a thread for this :)

who else likes the modern metal assault of Killswitch Engage.Sure,quite often their sound gets repetative , but I enjoy the fact that the new singer is a pretty good singer ,not just a screamer.Their last album is their best(And it includes a kickass cover of Holy Diver)

My Curse

My Last Serenade

Rose Of Sharyn

The End Of Heartache

The Arms Of Sorrow

Holy Diver

A Bid Farewell

Fixation on the Darkness

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KSE definetely rocks. They do get a little formulaic but they know how to rock and I think are a great for the scene right now. A lot of people try do blend the melodic singing/screaming but they do it the best. Also, the guitarists are pure metal, if it were up to them Im sure theyd sound like At The Gates or something. I saw them last winter with Dragonforce and they played a lot of the new album, opened with As Daylight Dies and ended with My Last Serenade. On Warped Tour they played a lot of stuff from Alive or Just Breathing, which is weird considering that Howard wasnt in the band then. Either way, theyve ripped it both times and everyone I was with who saw them and wasnt into them was immediately converted from their live show. Howard sounds great, the only problem is both times I saw them they didnt have Adam to do the back up vocals and Howard couldnt sing them so some of the songs didnt have all the proper vocals. It was a very minor setback, overall it still kicked ass. Ill go see them everytime they come around

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A really great melodic metal band. saw them live at Download, I screamed my lungs out and sang along, they were amazing. Howard Jones has a really great voice and presence. Only Screamer I like better at the moment is Anders Friden, but In Flames were one of their Influences so that automatically gains respect.

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